Is it good to make efforts or give up?

If some one gives up without trying his/her best, do you think he/she is doing any good for themselves? Or it is better to try to best of their ability, may be they succeed in the end. What do you think, should they keep trying or give up not withstanding criticism?
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Well, at early stage surely no one should give up as difficulty level will be high for sure. But there should be some time for giving up and trying other thing too. Not applied for all sections. he he

It is necessary to evaluate one's ability and make reasonable target. Once you make reasonable target, it should be possible to achieve the target and even exceed that with best efforts

No I am agree with it, noting is impossible if we use our ability honestly. Success persons are different from failed persons but they do their best one.

I feel that we all have our strong and weak points and we cannot succeed in everything we take up. Once we are sure that we have the capacity to succeed, a small failure here and there should not really matter and others criticism should not be an issue at all.Once you are focused you can achieve since you know that you are capable and this very knowledge gives us strngth and confidence !
usha manohar

I prefer making efforts rather than giving up. If we make an effort, then only we will come to know if the target is reasonable and reachable one?

Better to make efforts than giving up. A king was inspired by the spider which was repeatedly trying efforts and achieved targets. That was a story, but in real life also one should not give up.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

It depends on the person, on how much he/she is passionate about the success he/she want to achieve in their goal. It is very easy to give up. If you want success and fruitful results, you require efforts.

Ronark Bhardwaj

Giving up is no solution unless there is a strong reason to do so. Mere failure should not decide anyone's future. If one is certain that giving up will bear fruit and will not look as escapism then one must not waste time and jump into that which will bring good result.

Shampa Sadhya

It has been one of the strong policies of my life & character... Try, try and keep trying if you want something. You may not succeed always. But it gives a feel of self satisfaction, more than anything else. It it's a failure, I might comfort was not meant for me......I tried my level no regrets. But if i give up before trying, it may hurt throughout my life thinking..... I might have got an oppurtunity...But I didn't attempt and lost it. I may repent also....... I always believe in experimenting with life with new attempts.

Best instance is my s/w career which never kicked off......because I never attempted.... I settled with my family life and little child and never attempted for a s/w job after we shifted from hometown, 7 months after marriage. In those days, i was working... and quit my job to join him..


Sandhya Rani

If I have fixed some specific goals, my whole effort will be focused to achieve it. I do not believe in giving up half way due to fear of failure or fear of criticism. Even if the result is not favorable, the contentment will be great if you try your best with confidence, till the end of the game.   


I think you should always justify the efforts that you have put into something, to yourself. There is no point in regretting later.

Sheetal Kumar N

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