Education after Marriage?

In some cases, mostly in the case of love couple, they get married during their college studies. Though their education is not completed yet, due to circumstances, they may get married. If so what happens to their education? Will their marriage causes hindrance to their further studies? How much can their early marriage affect their future and career?
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Sandhya Rani

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If a person is committed, marriage is not an issue at all..There are so many cases where people study after marriage , I too studied my post graduation after my first daughter was born . It is a little more difficult since there is a lot of organisation required to see that you dont neglect your child or home ...But it is very much possible !
usha manohar

My neighbor and relative who had two daughters and they were married four years ago. In both the cases, sons- in-law were well settled in major IT firms. Because they were liked both by his daughters and my relative, the marriage was performed in a jiffy while his daughters were in degree final year.
After the marriage both the boys not only consented for continuing the education of the girls, cooperated too. Now both the girls are Post graduates.
Conditions vary from person to person.
Sandhya Rani My best friend too, got married in the 5th semester of our college life. She completed education and now works at Kerala University with 22k+ salary - Sandhya Rani - 7 years ago
rambabu It all depends on the mutual respect and understanding. With this in married life, I have seen mothers attending the contact classes for distance education. - rambabu - 7 years ago
Sandhya Rani Actually, I completed MBA (IGNOU) after my marriage. But it took a long time to complete it, for one reason or another. - Sandhya Rani - 7 years ago
rambabu That says you are able to do your studies even after marriage because of the undestanding between you and your hubby. That says all. - rambabu - 7 years ago

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It all depends on the person's self goal, commitment, determination and grit. Marriage can bring some unfavorable conditions like responsibility and opposition from family ( for girls in a very orthodox family) which can make it tough. But these hindrances can be overcome with good time management, discipline and a strong desire to do it.

Many a times even family and friend come forward to support if they sense your positive attitude and determination.

Arunima Singh

It depends on circumstances and a persons interest in education. If somebody is really interested in continuing their education and has some financial and family backup, they can go for for it. Sometimes even if people want to complete the education but either the family doesn't allow them  or they don't have enough money to continue the education. 

I personally think education even after marriage is necessary. Marriage should not be a hinderance in your knowledge. 


Marriage in not a problem for education. My wife completed her B.Ed after marriage.


I think it depends. If after marriage a girl want to do, say MBA, then she should be given permission by their family. It depends on how the family of the husband is. If they are open minded they will allow.

Ronark Bhardwaj

it could be possible with understanding husband and his family


It depends, some people got completed their education after marriage and some are forced to stop further education or they left on their own. It is right that after marriage further education of ladies depends on the husband and his family.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

You can only do study after marriage if your husband or your family is with you in this decision. 


Education is most important one before and after marriage.

Senthil kumar P

I think it is not wise to get married before completing one's education. Of course if both partners agree, one can continue education post marriage, but of course it is always better to complete one's education then get married.
Mousumi Ghosh

There is a time for everything in life. Education and career should be the first concern in life. Then only one should think about marriage.

Understanding Husband!

In my views, completion of education after marriage is always possible. It is depends on personality.
My sister also completed her B.Ed and M.A. after her marriage. And Now, She is a good Professor.
But, It is true that her husband and her whole family always supports her.

Yes ofcourse,if one wants to,one should definitely pursue education after marriage .Education is underrated in indian mindset.
Abhishek Sangra

Yes.. its depends on their choice and family's choice. If all okay then they can have their study. But yes after marriage they might face more responsibilities which can cause few troubles in it.
Sandhya Rani My brother got married while he was studying for Pilot course. He was only 21 then! Now also, he is studying..... About 50 hrs remaining to complete it. Yes, early marriage has dragged behind his education. Now he is 30. - Sandhya Rani - 7 years ago

I favor completion of education before marriage. But in case of higher education, some times marriage takes place prior to completing education goals. Mutual understanding between couple will help completing education while ensuring happy married life. .

Yes, marriage hinder education. In many cases I see this. One of my friend is brilliant in studies. at first year of collages, he falls in love with a girl. Both married. After marriage brilliant student is converted into common student.

It purely depends on couple's own choice and financial/social status. I firmly believe that only very immature couple will go for an early marriage to jeopardize their future. Even if a couple does so in adult age they should go on and complete their education, come what may.

Though marriage do cause some hindrances, it all depends upon one's determination. No one can stop if a person is committed but I definitely agree that post marriage life does not remain that smooth due to various responsibilities which is never an issue during unmarried life. Thus, it's better to complete education first and then get married.

Shampa Sadhya

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