How to earn through adsense from youtube?

How to earn through adsense from youtube?

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It is the same as any other site that is affiliated to AdSense. Once you get a youtibe account, you have to affiliate your YouTube account to AdSense and let them put ads on your page , if and when a visitor clicks on the ad you earn for the ckicke

usha manohar
usha manohar you can go through this article which has all the information required - usha manohar - 5 years ago

Simple, just upload unique and attractive video by using your youtube account. Now apply or monetization.

To enable monetization go to youtube account settings and click on enable monetization. Youtube team will review your video for monetization and then approve it.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

IN order to associate an Ad Sense account, Your You Tube account cannot be disabled.for Monetization. Hence, go to the Monetization page, get there by clicking your Icon in the top right< Creator Studio. Then in the left Menu, click channel, Monetization.



You need to get a good following and that goes a long way in monetization.

Sheetal Kumar N

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