Do education and qualification give an edge ?

One may feel tnat an individual might succeed even without degrees and qualification. But isn't it a fact that a solid educational background can  make you confident and give you an edge over others ..

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usha manohar

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education is about new things everyday and developing our ideas, opinions and perspective.

qualification is an eligibility to qualify for a certain thing

Degree certification is only a proof which says that you have complete certain education but your implementation of that education shows what you learnt.



yes you are right that strong education background gives a confident and edge, however it doesn't necessarily makes one smart and experienced..

many uneducated people were able to success either they were smart or they had sting experince.

usha manohar Of course there are always exceptions - usha manohar - 4 years ago

It definitely does. And again times are changing. It earlier days there were number school drop outs turned big success stories. I feel the number is lesser now. In today's world education is a must. It helps in giving a direction to your hard work and helps in getting successful in your chosen field,


Yes definitely.... Even if someone starts his own business, his experiences and educational qualification help him a lot. In short, education is a power which gives you mental strength and basement to achieve your goals with ease. Though you may choose a profession far away from your education qualification, quality of good education definitely reflects in your work and achieving future goals.   

Sandhya Rani

It depends on quality of qualification and education. Many people success without any special qualification. 


Tagore had no formal academic certificates to prove his excellence though he was tutored at home. Those days are gone and now formal education matters a lot. The more certificates one possesses has the maximum edge to get success in this competitive world.  

Shampa Sadhya

The strongly educated background is obviously helpful because it's rare that uneducated succeed & become most successful in society.  

Aditya tripathi

It certainly helps knock on some doors and from their hard work and dedication takes over.

Sheetal Kumar N

Education and degree are only helpful when people can implement the knowledge gained from the same in their practical life. Degrees earned by mere memorizing texts are really not of much worth.

Subhro Kanti Ghosh.

Yes it makes us knowledgeable and disciplined. People who are educated have better personality than them who are not. 

Its not necessary that we have degrees what I feel important is the knowledge and skill for any work. Likewise education is important as it reflects our personality. 

Sanjeev Gupta

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