Should Indian education system be modified into that of western education system to provide multiple options after high school?

The Indian education system doesn't provide the students with an option of choosing different subjects from a variety of streams instead they can only pursue a particular stream in high school. Whereas the western education system gives the students a variety of options in subjects to choose from due to which they have better career options in future. What are your views?

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Definitely Indian education system should be modified into Western education system to provide multiple options after High School which can develop well formed minds and skills like critical thinking and problem solving methods, generating new ideas but Indian education system focuses on marks of physics,chemistry,biology,maths and English but in western countries there is no subject issues parents and teachers also motivate their students to choose subjects according to their liking and interest. They are not limited to the private jobs and Government jobs, they have many options and their education system is not only based on learning and writing they have different type of patterns like projects,problem sloving methods, case studies.

Western education system is morden flexible and different students need not to carry lots of book like indians. Standards of education is also not too high. sports and extra curricular activities are considered equally important as core subjects.


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