What is a good name for a new preschool....?

I have been asked by a friend to help with a good name, he wants to start his own preschool. The name should be unique and wonderful and must have word kid or kids in it. But please do not suggest the very common names like wonder kids, kids corner, tiny tots etc.

Category: Pre-school

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The two I am giving here are not original although I cant remember where and when I have seen them around here...One is called Bright minds and the other Tumble tots..:)

I know the name i'm giving is not in conformity with your requirement that 'Kid' should be in the name. Still, this name has flashed into my mind. Here is the name
"Blooming Buds"

Best name for a pre school is

Kids Learning Point
Kids Learning centre
Kids Garden

I am not good in naming. But let me try..

Kids Developing Zone
Get-together spot for kids... surely kids meeting other kids can develop their social nature
Tiny World
Learning Spot....etc.

Kiddy Joy
Kids' Mind
Bright Kids
Playing Kids
Growing Kids
Kids' Building Block
Twinkle stars

* Little Stars
* Just for Kids


I am not sure if this question is still open to receive any more answers. But here goes a name from my side:

Kiducation (Kid + education - catering to the eduction of kids)


Here is the name

  1. Kiddopedia
  2. Kiddipedia

little angles


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