What type of stories you like to tell your kids at night time?

While going to sleep at night what stories you tell to your kids?

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I fabricate according to situation and mood of the child. There is no fixed routine of stories in my mind.

Sreematrana Can you give some examples of stories you have fabricated - Sreematrana - 5 years ago

Since the hour preceding bedtime is Crazy Town over here, it’s necessary for us to have wind-down routines in place. It’s one of the best ways to get your little ones to go to sleep without fighting, screaming, and refusing. Reading books is an excellent way to help the wind-down.
They usually willingly sit still (read this if your kids can’t seem to sit still while reading) and pay attention which is often enough to help their heart rates slow. A parent’s words are very calming to children so the mere fact you are reading – even using silly voices – can help children feel safe.
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My children are now teenagers and do not need me to tell stories to them during bed time. They can read on their own and I just make sure that I expose them to good age appropriate reads. However, when we chat we tell them stories from our real life and incidents from childhood to bond with them and connect with them. I read/told bed time stories as a ritual till they were 10. Sometimes I fabricated stories to teach them some morals indirectly. I read them fairy tales when they were too young, then we moved to Panchtantra and Other fables and mythological stories. Now I expose them to various biographies and autobiographies along with other reads.


In time of social media no one have time for stories at night we all are busy in facebook, instagram, whatsapp etc.


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