How to improve English knowledge

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English language proficiency consists ogf two parts- spoken and written.  For both, practice is must. You may learn rules of grammar from any standard grammar book, preferably Wren & maarten. However, you can be fluent both in speaking and writing by constant practice.  The best strategy is to speak and write in English only for at least six months unless it is absolutely necessary to speak in some other language.  Watch only english news and programmes on T.V. and read only english newspapers and magazines. Constant practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening in english will make you perfect in English. Listen tp TV programmes and films from English speaking countries- Britain, U.S.A. and Canada for getting familiar with accent and style in English speaking countries.


I believe that learning English is very easy. More you speak english with different people , more you will get confident in speaking it. You should watch more english channels to get knowledge  of different english words. Different English News Channels are there , which can help you and empower you with this language.I had a person experience that i would like to share with you. I am huge learner of this language. I talk with myself. This has improved my prounciation ,my way of speaking. This gives you lots of confidence . 


Any language one gets perfect when he/she communicates in it. Similarly for getting good in spoken English you must join a school where you good communicate with people in English or you have someone in your surroundings with whom you can communicate then its OK no need to join the school. You will definitely see the difference in few days.

Daily practicing means easy for us to learn fastly but you need another person to talk to them.

Read any English language newspaper aloud and slowly.
Find some children's books.
Prepare your own dictionary of words
Construct your own sentences using the words that you have noted in your dictionary.
Be methodical.
Read aloud as often as you can.
For details:

Lots of reading and also coversing with those who have a good command over the language really helps.It is also good to watch TV programs that teach the english language, there are many of those..

read newspaper

Read english newspapers and watch english news channels.

By reading English newspapers, one can improve english

* Watching English News Channel and concentrate on pronunciation.
* Reading English Newspaper.
* Try to speak in English with other person or ourselves.

English like any other language can be improved with practice. Reading English literature, novels, watching news channels will help to improve the language. Try to communicate and talk with friends in English. This will help to improve the spoken English skill.

practice to speak english,read english newspaper and watch english news and movies you can improve english 


practice makes man prefect. 


To learn not only English but any language, four steps are crucial. 

1) Reading, 2) Writing, 3) Listening, and 4) Speaking.

Read as much as possible. It will improvise your vocabulary and also will make you understand how to form sentences in various manners.

After reading, writing helps you improvise grammar which is the essence of any language. Writing helps sharpen drafting skills which is essential.

Listening helps you learn new words as well as how to pronounce words. It also helps you direct how to react and respond in various circumstances.

once you complete three steps stated above, final step is speaking.

When your vocabulary is good, you know the formation of sentences, your grammar is sound and you know how to pronounce words, speaking that language will be easier for you after few days of practice.

It is scientific way of learning languages and it my personal experience that this is the manner in which you can learn English.  


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