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Do you think Computer Science would be a safe branch of egineering after 4 years? Actually, my family is forcing me to join it after success in IITJEE-2011 but I am more interested in Marine engineering or the Defence forces.

Category: Higher Education 9 years ago
Aman Sinha
Asked 9 years ago

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If you have a fascination for ocean life, marine engineering is okay.  But the life is hard.  The engine room in ships is too hot.  Many marine engineers have changed job after serving a few years on high sea. Computer science is evergreen career. computer applications are everywhere. If you have interest in computes, this is okay. As regards defence services, there is scope for all professionals in armed forces.  Civil engineers, mechanical engineers, automobile engineers, computer experts, I.T. experts, doctorscope in armed forces. In short, whatever you do in civil is also done in defence forces. defence is a very wide organization. So, first decide what is your interest and choose career accordingly,  whatever career you choose,  defence organization will absorb you. 

Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
Answered 9 years ago
Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

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