Why do people defend the person they like even if they are wrong? Is there any way to control this attitude?

Written by Category: Family & Relationships 8 years ago
Rajani K

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We all have it in us and when it comes to our own children and family, we may correct them privately but will never let others get an added advantage of pulling down their morale.It is human nature and as long as it is smaller issues it is alright but when there are issues of safety to others and criminal mentality , one should be firm...
usha manohar

The answer is loyalty and love towards that person. It is this loyalty that instigates people to defend them even when they know they are wrong. Nothing wrong in it, but it is just a human tendency and genetic programming within us that makes us defend our beloved ones.
Kalyani Nandurkar

This is known as 'Ostrich mentality.' people of this kind have only one way of seeing the things. They don't bother about other peoples' views. They believe in mere bullying. They don't know how to see a situation with the other peoples' eyes

They do it due to their affection towards them. No I think there is no way one can control this attitude. Rare people have the habit of not defending when someone of their own is wrong.
Sanjeev Gupta

This is a natural instinct. The right way is to properly guide the person to improve and mentally prepare him to face the consequences and punishment. Undue protection may prove harmful in long run.

That is human behavior. The one who is liked by some one is favored to the core, good or bad no consideration.

I don't think any other person expect God can change people's mind. They should themself learn to keep peace. All problems can be solved just by talking with out fighting.
Devyani Sarkar

Friends generally do this. This is human nature, and where nature comes its difficult to control.
Ronark Bhardwaj

It is due to love towards them this is human nature.

it depends upon individuals nature and differ man to man.

Loyalty and affection tends the persons to behave inthis way and this ahuman nature to be bias towards.yourloved ones.

I guess it is human nature. When someone like other person he/she always try to protect him/her if they can. And same goes for hate situation.

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