Do you think marriage as an institution will survive after hundred years from now?

Given the present day situation where living together and late marriages are becoming the norm...
Written by Category: Family & Relationships 8 years ago
usha manohar

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Yes it is an institution and helps the people to be in some track.

A very difficult question to answer. In my opinion it will continue but the nature of marriage or the reasons will differ..two people will not come together because the society will bind them to or under any obligation but only when they really feel so.
Mousumi Ghosh

It may not survive 100 years from now,but it will definitely come back another 100 years from that time. Social acceptance and stability will always be needed by the society.
Abhishek Sangra

No death, it will survive even 1000 years. As long as human being exist, marriages too exist.

Marriage is a kind of Institution that never end. It will continue till date of destruction.
Bol Bachchan

Marriage is an institution that is based on ethical and moral values. Although undeniably these values are now threatened to a great extent due to materialism, individual liberty, etc. etc. but after a saturation point is reached, its real importance in the society will be realised once again. There still are a major proportions of people who believe in that institution and their tribe will remain forever. So I have no qualms at all that will indeed survive not just 100 but 500 years from now!
Kalyani Nandurkar
usha manohar I too am of the opinion that there may be changes within the institution and roles of the partners but it will survive since it is an absolute necessity to human beings , socially, emotionally and psychologically .. - usha manohar - 3 years ago

Definitely, it will survive for many years.

Marriage instituation is surviving for more than thousand years, I hope it will survive last long.

Yes it has so many years to developing.

I think it will not survive

Family will exist in one form or the other. Even live in relation is a kind of marriage. This is the basic social unit that grooms the future generation.

Marriage will certainly survive for ages, it would take its right place in future and that too in western world.

Well, I think its hard. I mean we already having situation where people are becoming too advanced. Specially western countries. So after a century i wonder if it can survive.

No I don't think it would remain after 100 years. These days people like freedom and they find marriage a sort of major hurdle in their freedom moreover the responsibilities one have after marriage is somewhat people don't like to carry on presently so it may happen in the future that people may not think of marriages.
Sanjeev Gupta

No, I don't think it will survive after 100 years, we may not be alive after 100 years, to see that, but now a days you can see the trial,which has already lost that thing and belief
fazelath Imraan

If the institution of marriage had continued its trend for as long as 3000 years, then it would survive even in the years to come given the culture and tradition of the Hindu society.
smriti jha
usha manohar It doesnt take long for a system to disintegrate and as for Hindu tradition and culture, that too will have to change and reform with time... - usha manohar - 8 years ago

Oh it's really difficult to say if marriages will survive after a century period. We are seeing so many cases of divorces that it seems as if marriages are there just for the sake of it. If the vows can't be kept, what's the use of taking them? Isn't it like insulting our own God and that too knowingly?
usha manohar I am not sure where God comes into it, since it is very much a man made institution... - usha manohar - 8 years ago

Marriage was an institution once. No more now. 'Marriages are made in heaven.' was the revered belief once. No need to wait for100 years to see this edifice collapse and reduce to rubles. Its already in shambles.

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