Do children become more smart outside homes?

I have often heard people say this, but I really wonder if being just street smart is all that is needed or is it more important being sensitive or compassionate which is only taught inside the homes. What do you feel?
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Kalyani Nandurkar

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I guess a balance is needed and I feel that during the initial years a child needs the security of the home atmosphere to grow up as a confident and responsible individual. Once they reach a certain age when they can look after themselves it is better to give them the opportunity to srtike out on their own and lewarn to be a litle street smart as well which going by the way our society functions may be an essential trait to develop. However, I too feel that certain basic humane qualities are definitely essential and can be developed only within the home atmosphere !
usha manohar

Neither a home bird nor street Romeo. There needs be a combination of good grooming at home with exposure to outside world.

Mother is first teacher of children and home is first school of children. In these days children should be smart specially who are living in big cities.Children start schooling at the age 4 or 5 years. It is not possible for parents to guard children every where.

Children are very smart nowadays. They have more exposure nowadays and there should be a mix of both ie they need to be given freedom to go and learn outside and at the same time must learn certain things from home which cant be taught outside.

I think the same that it should be balanced. Some part can be taught in the house and for some they should go outside too.

yaa definitely
staying outside makes them understnd there own difficulty nd dey deal wid dem accordingly
thus they are more smarter outside
Aakash Agarwal

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