Did you find your true love?

Many of us have spend a year or two to look for true love. Some of us get it and others get married to the once whom they are arranged with. Did you get your love?
Written by Category: Family & Relationships 7 years ago
Devyani Sarkar

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True love happens only in teens or early twenties when you are innocent and not scheming. I had true love in my teens when I really did not understand meaning of the term.

What is true love?. Its a real question. I have an arranged marriage and now understand what love is. I love my wife and kids.
Sanjeev Gupta

Yes, I found my true love in the form of my wife. We love and respect each other though we have different views on different issues. Still we do not interfere with each other's likes and dislikes.

am not supposed to answer this because i didn't find true love


I got arranged marriage. Me and my wife are true love of each other. You can't find true love by searching in this world, but can make your love true.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Love is always giving. If they understand it is reflects the same. But, it take some time to reflect. I am married and I find my true love.

M.Thamarai Selvi

True loves is not to finding a perfect person,it is to finding a person with kind heart who makes you feel perfect.


Yes, I guess so...in the form of my husband..we have our own difference and lot of similarities too..so we balance out each other well.
Mousumi Ghosh

Its difficult to find true love in life.

Yes, that's why we are alive!

It is not easy to find true love. Still I am in search of finding my true love. A true love is that who care you, understand you and always with you in any situation.

I am married to my love and love her truly to the best of my knowledge.:) Love is something different for us Indians, most of us marry first and than begin the process even if we were dating someone before marrying.

No still I am unable to find someone who love me truely. Many time you show true love to someone.
Bol Bachchan

I am still in search of getting my life partner who would understand me. I would definitely get in 1 or 2 years.
Ronark Bhardwaj

I have arranged marriage. But, I definitely feel I get my true love.

Yeah .. I found true love from my parents around 2 decades ago . There is no other high vertex to compare them with others. I really really love my parents. Because with out whom I was not on the earth for survival .... It is my please to have such nice parents.

So far not. But hope to get one soon.. he he.

My marriage was 'pakka' arranged. Yet I married a person who was one year senior at my college. I knew him earlier though not close. I still don't know, is he my true love or not because if common tastes and interests are the criteria to quote so, we both vary in our thoughts, likings and favourites. Yet, we both feel that we are made for each other. Two days earlier we quarrelled for a particular topic. But both of us reached a common point..... Yes, he is the only true finding of my life. Same is his case too. So, it mean, we both have found true love in each other, a feeling that this relation should be carried still the end of our lives!
Sandhya Rani

True love is something that can never be defined so easily.There are people who feel that they have found true love only to see it turn into hatred within a few months and on the other hand two people may discove very deep and intense love over a long period of time ...
usha manohar

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