Is love the most essential element of life? What’s your opinion?

Most people give opinion that love is the soul and food of life. What's your opinion? Is it true? Is love the most essential element of life? Without true love is it not possible for us to move on???????? I often feel, love is our biggest weakness!
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Sandhya Rani

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Ofcourse love is very very essential . Because with out which we would not be in this Position . Even we could not have been grown up by help of Parents. Usually many of think about love is exists between Girl and a Boy .. But it is absolutely wrong ..Love exists between
Brother & Sister
Child & Mother
Father & Mother
Sister & Sister
Friend & Friend ..
There is Life where there is only Love & Affection . There is nothing exists with out love ...

Quote :

We should remember that .. we need to give importance to the one who loves us than we love the others .

Love is not the only essential, but it is ONE of the essential things in life among others. Personally I feel to feed the soul, along with love, knowledge, curiosity and work is essential. For some people love might be enough but then they live in a world of fantasy and dreams. For people living in a world of reality, work and knowledge is as essential as love is. Love may indeed give a boost to self-esteem and confidence but it will not feed the brain and if brain is left starved, then there is no meaning to love alone.
Kalyani Nandurkar

No doubt love in essential thing. But we should not limit it between boy and girl. We should love all. Love your whole family, relatives, friends. country, and nature.

According to me love is an essential part of a human being. Love is a kind of weapon that has ability to transfer an enemy into a friend.
Bol Bachchan

No love is not the only thing one has to have other essential things also in life. One cannot survive without food so I feel food is more important than love. It depends how emotional you are I never feel weak due to love. One has to set priority people normally sacrifice things for love which should not be the case.
Sanjeev Gupta

I feel that income is essential part of our life. If we have money, power and position in a society, we can achieve anything on this earth. Love motivates us to work even better and sincerely to achieve our target. Love is essential but not compulsory. One should have a strong mind to achieve any goal.
Devyani Sarkar

Love is essential part of our life. Without love nobody live with peace.
It is necessary for happy life.

Love shows us to live a life. Love make us learn the real meaning of life.
Ronark Bhardwaj

Hmm.. This is surely confusing. It can be ones power as well as weakness too. It is depend on person how he she took it.

I think love is most essential if not the only thing for a person in his/her life. A man without love is as good as an animal who lives, eat does everything else and dies. Love gives a person to live his life more meaningfully for a purpose.

Life has a meaning and purpose. Love is like rudder of boat. Love is like a beacon of light. Love is a like a compass. All of them help in finding meaning and purpose of our life without which we lose our way and wander helplessly like a rudderless boat.
I'm of the opinion the most luckiest individual is he who 'Loves and be loved.'

Without love, we cannot think the existence of our earth. By using love, one can maintain peace. Without love a human being act as a animal.


I think love is the most crucial and important part of our life. If we don't have that we lose the essence of life. To me love is like a magic potion which keeps me going.
Taniya Choudhury

Love is definitely one of the most important ingredient of life to make us feel complete..without love we are no lesser than mere animals. Love coupled with other essentials things such as knowledge, food, money, clothes, the bare essentials of life, makes our life complete..without love, your existence is similar to a makes our life worth living.
Mousumi Ghosh

Yes love is very essential in everyones life,because love is not only btween male n female.for all the relations is very important.


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