Why women/Girls lie ?

Why Women/Girls lie? But why? Most of people are waiting for answer. Please share your view as per your experience. :)
Written by Category: Family & Relationships 6 years ago

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People lie regardless of what gender they belong to and it is just being judgmental when you say only women lie ! I have seen many men lie through and through without batting an eye ..
usha manohar

It's not true that only women or girls lie. Men do not lag behind in this regard. In general irrespective of the gender, people lie due to inferiority complex.They want to prove their virtues, which they do not possess. They fear 'Rejection". They do not look in to their own blessings. Which is why they pose as if they are virtuous and as good as others or better than those who are virtuous.
This trait makes people to lie

It seems you hate women a lot. Try to give a little respect to them too.....Then you might change your opinion....Just Kidding!
It's not true that only women lie...it's applicable for both. People lie to hide their secrets and mistakes and they very often lie to achieve something through wrong paths.
Sandhya Rani

It is totally judgemental and unfair to say that only women and girls lie when it is in fact the other way round! Unless you are trying to be funny here, I politely request you to stop posting such discriminating and outrageous questions here. This is a respectable forum where we normally do not indulge in mud slinging of any sort, humorous or otherwise!
Kalyani Nandurkar

Truth is not sole virtue of men and falsegood is not sole vice of women. Men anw wemen have same traits.

Men/boys lie. what is the problem with women/girls?

I have a feeling that they do not know what to say when stuck in a situation that they do not like.

Sheetal Kumar N

Telling lie is a habit of some people. They always tell lie without any reason even if the matter is very simple. Some people tell lies in certain circumstances to maintain their status in the society. Children often lie to avoid scolding from elders whenever they do any mistakes. Telling lie is a natural process. This is not only the habit of female but also the habit of male.

Jincy Aby

 I think lying is not restricted to any gender. It is one of human tendancy. In college, many times it happens that girls lie to show the reputation or want to attract boys towards them. Same way even boys does the same thing. 

Ronark Bhardwaj

Every person less or more lie. It is not fair to say women and girls are habitual of telling lie.


Speaking lie is one of the human traits. By saying human traits I mean to say that under human males and females both are included so the trait is also common. It cannot be said that females are greater liar than the males. It all depends upon an individual's thought process. 

Shampa Sadhya

People; irrespective of gender, caste, race, religion, nationality and all other terms over which we become bias; lie because of insecurity. It is human nature to be insecure, for instance, people are insecu of their relationships, career and several other things. Due to such causes leading to insecurity, people intending to run away from truth, tend to lie.

Renu Sharma

It depends on one's nature, not only girls lie but boys can also lie.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Not only girl/women lies irrespective of gender any one lie when the situation demands.


Both men and women saying lie depends upon the situation. If they feel that by saying the truth it will bring some issues immediately and wants to postpone it and tell the matter in a clam and peace environment. So both telling lie to avoid immediate quarrel between them.


It's a habit we cannot relate with girls or boys in particular. Anyone can do that irrespective of their gender related specification.


Every time Girls/Women does not tell lie. All boys and girls tell lies at certain situation.

Men and women both lie..is this question out of some hatred against women race put together or any one particular woman, which has forced you to generalize and put forth this question?

Whatever the case may be people lie both men and women. All lies are not bad and can do good at times.
Mousumi Ghosh

Lol... That's obviously not true. Person lie for particular reason(it can be many) .. Surely genders not matters here.

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