Cruel practices like Thalaikoothal. Don't eldery people have the right to live?

A few days back I happened to hear about a cruel practice that still exists in the remote villages of tamil nadu, from a worker who came to Kerala in search some work at my father's business firm. In their regions, old people are killed by their family members by some practices, as they believe that it's better for them to go, rather than living a suffering life. They believe that it's because of their love towards elders to give them a sudden death. In most districts of Tamil Nadu, death processions are like marriage processions with dance and music as they believe that we should never send them with tears in our eyes.

In a country where euthanasia was denied to the unfortunate Aruna Shanbaug, shouldn't such practices like Thalaikoothal be abolished? Let our elders live a dignified and precious life and better send them to old homes if you are not willing to take care of their responsibilities who has given everything for you, including their happiness, youthful days, dreams and everything!!!!

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Sandhya Rani

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Well, even I have heard about this practice, which is prevalent in TN, though wasn't sure about its name. I feel that even old people have every right to live and wait until death knocks at their door. However, there are those who die every day because of the amount of pain they undergo because of some or the other ailment that they are suffering, for which practically there is no cure. In such cases, this practice is okay and should be made legal in other states too. Why suffer in pain and agony when we can choose death. But definitely I don't agree with such people who consider their parents as a burden and choose this method as short-cut to get rid of them.
Mousumi Ghosh
Sandhya Rani What's you opinion about Aruna? Does she deserve euthanasia or should she live this suffering life for next 20 or 30 years? - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Mousumi Ghosh Ok, Aruna, was sexually assaulted, and has been in a vegetative state for almost 37 years..isn't 37 years a very long period. I think she should have been allowed for Euthanasia. Don't you think she has suffered enough and now deserves a peaceful death. - Mousumi Ghosh - 6 years ago

An evil practice. A blotch on the society. I wonder how this heinous practice is accepted in a state like Tamilnadu where education rate is high. From the link you gave, this practice Thalaikoothal has the acceptance of the people in that region. There were no complaints about this evil even from the educated society.
Sandhya Rani In many remote districts of Tamil Nadu, girl kids are killed as soon as they are born. It's widely accepted in the society! Do you know how? By putting a mouthful rice in its mouth, bathing too much with cold water as soon as it's born or giving it cactus stain.... What a cruelty!!!!!!
a movie called Karuthamma released in early 1990s was like an eye opener to such cruel practices......
- Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
rambabu True.India is not that advanced or emancipated as many think. Such cruel practices are prevalent even in urban regions. Difference is, they are unreported. And the people are indifferent. - rambabu - 6 years ago
Sandhya Rani All people discuss a lot about social problems and changes needed in the society, But none is willing to change himself. - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

This practice is more or less like sati system that was abolished thanks to active intevention by Raja Ram Mohan Roy. There are many cruel practices lik this in name of religion and tradition. These days it appears nobody has interest in eliminating cruel practices.

I am really shocked that such practice even exist!! It should be banned at any cost. How come that it is still being practice? Gulshanji has rightly said that it is more or less like sati. Nobody has the right to take others life. If one is so poor that one can't take care of elderly people, there is always the option of sending them to the Old age home.
Sandhya Rani welcome back Jabeen../feeling nice to see you back.....

about the question......
Me too was surprised when I heard it from someone. It shocked me more, when i heard that it happens in my neighbouring state...not so far away!
- Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

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