Is real love a state of 'Static Infatuation'?

We often distinguish real life romance and infatuation in terms of lust and commitment. Lust/Infatuation is only a state of mind with short life while romance is also a sort of attraction that lasts forever with commitments, at least for a long interval. So, is romance another state of 'Static Infatuation'? Can we deny the fact that there is a form of attraction to our lover/spouse which is entirely different from other persons? What's your take?
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Sandhya Rani

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There is noting permanent in love. But when you nd enter in relation, you continue with the relation even if love diminishes just because of social responsibility.

I don't think love can remain static through out. The idea of love and love itself remains for a short while afterwards love remains in the form of commitment, responsibility, and duty. With time everything changes. Infatuation is a state where you fail to see the negative side of a person and hence everything looks great, but once reality sets in, you get to see both sides of a person and hence blind love starts to fade and then love as i said earlier remains in the form of responsibility or more of a duty.
Mousumi Ghosh

There is no perfect love or perfect romance,In some cases it may start with mutual attraction and develop into something much stronger whereas in some cases it may simply wither after the first flush. In some cases it may start with just friendship and then develops into something stroger like mutual attraction and love. As long as the two people concerned are happy and secure in their relationship, nothing else matters neither is anyody elses opinion for that matter ...
usha manohar

Infatuation and Real love are two opposite terms. In real love the question of infatuation never arises.

Infatuation last for a short period. But real love last forever. Love in the sense not just loving each other. Its about caring for the other, sharing the responsibility, understanding each other, forgiving nature and patience. At start may be beauty plays a role. But to have a real love, there should be mutual understanding and true affection with out any expectation.

Real love remains forever whereas infaution not like that completly opposite.


If there is infatuation in any relationship then it is bound to break one day but relationship based on love which includes caring, sharing and understanding then it will get stronger and stronger as the days pass by. The expression of such kind of love usually slows down in open but within ones heart he/she remains thankful for having such a partner for life and that's the definition of true love in my opinion.

Shampa Sadhya

I think it is not necessary that we have infatuation or affinity if we have relation. We have not any relation with our pets but we have affinity with them. Even we have infatuation with a specific tree. For love relation is must. Without relation development of love is not possible.


You can stay in a relationship because of social responsibility even when there is no love. But to stay in love, you have to be in love. If love has once invaded, it never leaves. It only grows with commitment, duties etc.. Romance works like oxygen to keep the love refreshing. I do not think that love ever fades away. It only changes it's form of expression or romance with the age of relationship and with the two people in love growing together. If it has faded away then it was not there. In that case we have misunderstood infatuation, expectation and commitment as love. Love is purely about acceptance and giving space. It is true for all relationships.

Arunima Singh

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