why girls do overthink?

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Both the girls and boys think before taking any important decisions. Only difference is that girls are more cautious, and they have to be;…. because, “even if a leaf falls on a thorn or a thorn falls on a leaf, the leaf is going to damage”. The unavoidable thought behind her cautious decision is usually interpreted as over-thinking.



It's a false interpretation that girls overthink. I think it's human nature to think about future and those who have extra time in hand - irrespective of gender do think the same thing over and over. Very often I feel that men are impatient and haste in taking decisions..... May be the patience and slow decision making nature of ladies prompted you to post this question here :)

Sandhya Rani

It is not that the girls overthink, it is simply in their nature to think of each and every circumstance or consequence arising out of any situation, unlike boys who tend to be reckless and act on the very first thing they think of!

Kalyani Nandurkar

In my opinion, thinking about pros and cons before plunging into action is good and necessary. Coming to the point, girls or women over think because of their biological differences from that of a man. In our society, a woman or girl is prone to innumerable atrocities. And this is the main reason for over thinking for the girls or women.


Are you sure? I thought they were the most carefree type persons that leave thinking for others :) 


Over thinking is not gender specific. The great philosophers, sociologists and economists have to think more to find solutions to problems. Many just think idly when they have no work. This is also not gender specific 

Some people think irrespective of the gender, some people have a habit of over thinking. 

Mousumi Ghosh

Overthinking is not only gor girls sometimes that can be by boys also,But for some of them it is a habit of overthink.


People feel girls over think. but the fact is,,,,,, Boys think for the present. but girls have long thinking i mean about the future also.


Thinking as r overthinking is a trait found in all people regardless of gender. You have to think about your life all the time if you want to live and maintain a certain standard.

usha manohar

Whatever the situation in ur life we have to think about pros and cons properly before taking action . In case of girls or women they have to be more cautious than men because one mistake and she would be the downfall of her family name and prestige.


I don't think girls overthink, may be some girls do but not all of them. They think in detail and every aspect but do not overthink.


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