Does Possessiveness take birth from love?

It's true, over possessiveness is the extreme end of love. We often become possessive over the persons we love, may be our spouse, children or friends. But does it mean possessiveness originate from love and likes only? Is it possible for humans to be possessive for someone whom he doesn't love at all????

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Sandhya Rani

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Definitely the origin of possessiveness is love or I can dare say extreme love. One more thing I would like to add here is, kextreme love leads to hatred also. There is a saying, "Where love is there, there is hatred also. Sounds paradoxical. But it's true. When we see our children whom we love make a mistake, we scold them. Do you think we do not love children? We love. We love so much that we cannot stand seeing our loved ones committing a mistake. 

Possessiveness comes only when there is love. Can you love a person who is injured in an accident ? At the most you may extend your helping hand and see that he reaches a hospital by an ambulance. But that's out of compassion or fellow feeling.

Sandhya Rani a nice thought shared.... - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

Love and possessiveness are happening simultaneously. How possessive are you over your parents, spouse and children, is the same thing asking in another way, how much do you love them… Both are of the same kind, but vary in their degree of expression. And, the one cannot exist without the other. But, the question is,.. which comes first,…. egg or chicken??


Not everyone who we love we become possessive about them, but I agree with love comes possessiveness. Without love if someone possessive about somebody, then he or she may be in love but has not expressed yet. 

Mousumi Ghosh
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Often possessiveness and love co-exists, I can't imagine both separately. At least for me, I show possessiveness towards the people I love/like the most, be it my relatives, friends or someone who I like the most.

As there is no question of possessiveness towards the people who we hate, the only leftover group of people we do not know we do not have any opinion about them. So you can easily imagine what possessiveness we will have towards them.

P.S. these are purely my personal opinions and may be different for others.

Sandhya Rani You are absolutely correct.....I too have the same opinion..... But very often I feel, an insecurity feeling in a relationship can also result in possessiveness. If a person is confident enough in that relationship, he may not bother if that person behave close to someone else. A fear that he/she may go off his hands can also result in over possessiveness.....which may end in obsession with bad effects..... - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

I think it's not love only but human's nature. A child could be very possessive to his toys without actually loving them.

Sandhya Rani the first answer for this question, which give a contradictory opinion to other answers and given a suitable example as well - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Sandhya Rani Child is definitely attracted to the toy.....but can't term it 'like',,,,,Right? - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

Possesiveness begins at birth. A chid is possessive of mom, dad and siblings as well as things around. 

Possessiveness never allow another person to enter in our life. One side possessiveness shows one person deep love and on the other side it kill the person due to extreme love with that person.


Possessiveness and Love both are related to each other. Cause we are possessive for the person which we love. 


may be i agree with the thing possessiveness take birth from love


Possessiveness stems out of insecurity more than anything. If you are confident you don't want to possess a person or control them ..



usha manohar

Possessiveness it stems out from love for that particular person but the extent of our possessiveness depends on how much we love that person and insecurities associated with them. Whereas if we don't love a person there is no chance of possessiveness.


Only extreme love filled with physical intimacy causes possessiveness I guess. Good love doesn't bring any sort of possessiveness. My personal opinion.


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