Should a child dream to be popular or be famous?

I believe that we can make the child understand the difference between popular and famous, then live it to the child to decide his action.

There is a minute difference in being popular and in being famous. I would encourage my child to become famous because I believe every popular personality does not enjoy respect of the mass but famous personalities usually receive enormous respect during their lifetime and even after death. Now, it's up to him to figure out and work hard accordingly.

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Shampa Sadhya

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Honestly I would never bother about my child becoming either famous or popular. I would be happy if my children are good law abiding citizens and have a balanced view of life !

usha manohar

I don’t want to encourage my child to be famous or popular. He needs to be liked by every one; but need not be praised.  A healthy, intelligent and confident person, he should realize the purpose of his life and fulfill it, at the same time, doing good to others. This is just a parent’s dream; but the real decision maker is the child himself.


I am proud that my child is popular and sure she would be famous too but I don't care if she doesn't become famous. Her popularity tells it all that she is doing all the right things in her life. 


you are right. No one could live popular for long time. Example of its is our film star. But famous is last long and it is associated with Noble deeds of some one. Nobel deed never died. Kisi Ke Ansuone Mey Muskrayngey, Markey Bhi Yaad Aayngey, Jeena Isi Ka Naam. 


hello shampa Jee, really a nice question asked......

Both the words, Famous and Popular are similar in many ways, only a slight difference. If you ask me, how would you groom your child to be, I would prefer to said..... I choose "Popular" between the two

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Though we earn a lot of money and become a well-known person through the field of arts, sports etc, it is not necessary that he is a nice person in character too. A person become famous merely because of talent. But with virtue one can become both popular and famous. I would like my child to be called a good person and popular and being sincerely liked really by others, than be a famous person, because she can earn it only through the quality she lives in the society. After all we owe something to the society as well and it gives a lot of self respect and self satisfaction also, the most important things of one's life.

Let me give one simple example. One gain easy attention if he becomes famous as an actor or model. What for the case of girls???? Though she becomes famous and have a lot of fans, in mind, our Indians will only say bad about actresses or models. Thousand link ups, affairs and dressing etc... even if she is as clear as crystal. Am I not right? It's not applicable in the case of boys.

So I believe it's easy to become famous than popular and many may use short cuts to achieve that goal, that I never encourage.....



Sandhya Rani
suni51 Why you girls have so low views about yourselves? I am proud of girls and women and see creator in them. - suni51 - 5 years ago
Sandhya Rani We live in such a society..... Girls are not free to express! - Sandhya Rani - 5 years ago

Neither case, I do not want my son to try to become popular or become famous. I just want him to know what is right and what is wrong and understand and realise his own talents and potentials and focus on them. I just want him to become a good person and a good citizen, if he deserves it and his deeds justify it, popularity and fame will come to him automatically.

Kalyani Nandurkar

Neither popular nor famous. child should be guided to do right without bothering about  affect on popularity.  

A person become famous when he is known by many people because of his achievements or works. A popular person is someone who is liked by people who know that person. Becoming popular and becoming famous -  both are good. But I won't do anything to make my child a popular or a famous person. Once he becomes famous or popular among others, I will be very happy. 

Jincy Aby

To be honest, until i come across this question, i never thought the difference between popular or famous. To my opinion i will leave decision for my child itself.


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