Influence of society

We have the right to shape our lives.But many of us follow the norms of the society fearing 'what will others say?'.What is your take on this?

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While growing up I'm sure a lot of people have come across their mom, aunt or other older female relatives talk about the hardships that they may have faced in their youth. It could be absolutely anything, from travelling from one place to another without some person older and wiser, or something even simpler like not being allowed to play with the boys in their same ages. The idea that 'A girl's freedom must always be tied down and forever grounded.' and 'A male and a female child can never stay friends forever' has always been planted away deep into the pits of the subconscious minds, nurtured and fed, leading to the present day Generation X society...the modern day 'Log' from 'Log Kya Kahenge?'

No ones playing the 'blame game' here. I promise. I'm getting to the point.

A woman being told to marry a man that her parents had chosen for her would've worked before the 80's or the 90's even. But in this day of age when the question of 'WHY?' is being praised, woman have begun to question all norms. Woman now a days, want to feel steady grounds beneath their feet, like a proper profession to rely on first, before being indefinitely bonded to another human being. Some of them don't even want to  get into the whole married stage of their lives because they feel that they're perfectly happy with where they are in life right then and there. With their own means of livelihood, a steady income, and a sense of security knowing that there's no one to dominate their life.

The same question can also falter men. Earlier it was deemed fit for a man to run the family the way he thought was right and it was always his words against all odds. But with changing times, and even morale coming into play, they ask 'WHY?'. They ask 'why is it that I'm the one making decision for the entire family..and family being not an individual person.' 

In both the examples mentioned above, the two person's could've taken the route that everyone before them had probably taken, and lived a periodic life that they may have seen their previous generations live...that is if they followed the 'Log Kya Kahenge' vibe. 

But my friend, like Robert Frost once wrote,

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
This is the kind of difference that everyone can try making once in a while, to take the road less traveled and say 'Log kuch bhi kahenge'.

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