what is the correct age for dating?


According to me their is no perfect age for dating .When the person donot feel like being pressurised or do not  have to put a lot of efforts for maintaing that healthy relation ,when both the partners umderstand each other give space to each other, when they feel happy being around also donot have to fake themselves thats when you are ready to date .

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In the initial stage of a relationship, it feels like everything is going great but there comes a time when space and understanding are required. At this time one realises if he or she can handle a relationship. In simple terms, if you are ready to understand what the other person wants to convey, you are ready to make sacrifices and give space to the other person you are ready for a relationship. Do make sure that the other person is also willing to do the same, before getting into one.

hey.. to be honest in my case I started dating when I was 15 years old and why I did that was because of the environment I was being in. But after sometime I realized that this is not worth it. My family got to know about my relation and that was the moment when every thing was falling apart. After 1 year of breakup I realized that I was not ready to be in relationship all I wanted was to get a tag of being cool as fuck. Well being in relationships feels great but after a certain amount of time things get messed up. You lose your priorities, space, yourself and what not. You need to ask your partner everything before doing. Isn't sounds like being in prisons. You need to set limits from boys around you. And the most important thing is now you've more responsibility.. you need to put a lot of time with your partner and efforts. So all I wanted to say is think before you take this decision. Sometimes you can have the most greatest experience but sometimes you broke your heart by loving a play boy. take your time before you think about to date someone. Don't be in a hurry. You know what is your worth. 


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