Hey so I have ques which I guess every one can relate in there life. At one point of the life many can face this scenario. so my parents started looking for the boys for marriage and I have a someone special.

I have already given hint about him to his parents as they know his family, he really more than expected my parents looking for a boy for me. He is richer successful his family is good and has a huge name in society we both are from the same caste and above all this, he loves me and even I do. My parents will be fine if they agree I discussed the same with bf but he denied he is just 24 and does not want to marry now he clearly told me to wait for 2 years and I will disclose about u after 2 years only to my family. But now I am scared I don't want my heart to be broken more after 2 years as for him I am going to deny other proposal going to fight with my parents convince them but in the end, if he or his family going to deny I am not ready for it. Is it worth it? After discussing the same he said if you find someone in this 2 years goes with him or if my parents deny after 2 years you can more option at that time too. I am really pissed off and can't understand what I should do what not?

Category: Family & Relationships

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