Who are parents? Those who give birth or those who take good care of child selflessly, give your opinion...

Parents play a significant role in the life of children. What is the defination of parents according to you?

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Renu Sharma

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Those who give birth, give you life. Those who take care of you, give you a living. What is the use of life without a living? If your parents give you birth and abandon you, then they are just human machines, not parents. Those who take care of you and give you a heart full of love are your real parents. Love is the language that makes the difference.


I would say both, the one set is biological parents while the other is real mentor. But if you ask me the one who helps a child grow as a better citizen is the better parent.


Parents are those who nurture a child.The definition would say that parents are those who have given birth to the child but it depends on what is shared because even an adopted parent can be as good or even better than a parent 

usha manohar

Parents need be always those who give birth to their children There are several instances of those parents who despite giving birth to their children kill for their selfish needs. On the other side, there are people like Mother Teresa who is endowed with the noble quality of treating every child as her child.



Those who take care of you selflessly are the real parents, even animals after giving birth to their kids take care without having any selfishness.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Both are Imp.cause- It is the two branches of one Big tree- First when we born in this nice world our parents celebrate every movements of life..& those who take good care obviously are our real lifetime parents- But every one keep in mind that our parents are our First God..so never heart them..Be happy always..


Generally who gave birth upbringing child. In two cases parents who upbringing child may be differ from who gave birth. first when child is adopted by any other. In this both are parents but Legally who adopt child are parents. But in second some evil through the child for some reason, in the case person who upbringing child are parents.


Natural or biological parents are obviously those who gave birth. It is they who bring up the child. But in exceptional circumstances, others may bring up the child adopted by them. They are also parents. Parents are really those who care and bring up the child irrespective of their being biological/ natural or foster.


Legally the biological parents are the parents but if my opinion is considered then I would go for those as parents who emotionally take care of a child. Giving birth with emotion is a mechanical process and such a parenthood is of no use. 

Shampa Sadhya

There are children who are born out of their mom' s tummies amd then there are children who are born out of hearts..while v come across all kinds of stories in this mad, crazy world.. Thrz no clear cut reply to this one.

But yes, a child has a right to parents who are loving, caring, responsible, capable and who guide him to become a fine human being and teach him to discriminate between.the right and wrong.

Parenthood cannot be about just selfish emotions of any set of parents..biological or adoptive.. It's abt whr the child's interest lies.


Ideally definiton of a parent would be " A loving and caring nurturer and provider", one who can nourish and bring up a child meeting all his/ her requirements - physical, emotional, mental and financial, to the best of his/her capacity.

This loving and caring person can be a biological parent, adopted parent or a foster parent. 

Arunima Singh

Biological parents will remain parents no matter what. However if someone looks after and loves a child selflessly and in the capacity of a guardian like a foster/adoptive/step parent just like his/her biological child, such a person is also a parent 

Alakananda Sikdar

The one who raise the child are the true parents. It is easy to give birth. The main challenge is to raise a good human being. 


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