A 1 Year Baby Girl still not able to sit.. What are the reasons ???

My Niece is now turned One But cant sit herself properly even for a minute.. Anybody suggest What we should do 

Written by Category: Parenting 4 years ago

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It takes time for your Baby sit and stand. Some babies mature fasteer than others. Just because your baby turned 1, doesn't mean something wrong. Yes it is a matter of concerbn. My suggestion is better take the Baby to Children Doctor. Only the Cgildren Doctors can ascertain the reasons for the Baby's late sitting. Good luck.

the milestones like sitting, walking, talking, etc varies from child to child. If sitting is the only issue then I guess there should be mo issue, she will learn sitting as the time comes..however if it is too concerning, then you must consult pediatrician, its better to take the advise from professionals..


It is matter of child so it better to consult with doctors within time. After it is question her whole life.


The only practical thing to do is to consult a paediatrician . I am sure he or she will be able to guide and advise on what course to take ..

usha manohar

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