What is the cutest thing your kid had done for you?

Our Kid are our world, we do lot of things to make them happy . They also try to make us happy in their own way by doing small small things. So what are those small things that your kid has done which brings smile to ur face even now?

Written by Category: Parenting 3 years ago

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Being a small baby, the fact that she stays up and waits from me in the night, is the cutest thing she can do for me.

Sheetal Kumar N
Sreematrana Wow that's true - Sreematrana - 3 years ago

My daughter wrote her first poem that was in praise of my wife and me and that she did when she was only 6 years old. That was the most beautiful thing she'd done for me. 


For me everything that my son does is a cute gesture for me. But the best times are when he shows his concern and care when I'm unwell



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