So much awareness. Yet why?

Nowadays everyone is well aware of the evils of social networking sites. I personally believe kids of today are more intelligent than those of yesterdays, and too much exposure to technology make them vigilant as well. I am quoting this example from one of the recent incidents and the one who cheated a girl belongs to my friends' circle in a social networking site. It came to be a big shock to me when I came to know that this lad of just 19-20 years old cheated a girl of 25 years old. The girl blindly believed him in his marriage promises that she handed over her nude photos n videos. He made everyone believe about his high profile job in private sector, and she was terribly shocked and hospitalized when she came to know the truth. They never met personally. Yet how an a girl turn so much foolish????

It's not the case of just young girls. Social world has given a magical pleasure to everyone, and even youngster boys and married women fall in its trap. Everyone is well aware of the consequences of online relations. Yet why are they not learning? Please express your views.....



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Sandhya Rani

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It is not possible to banned social sites. People who are using social we sites knows alll good and bad thing of using these. If some one is misusing then he/she is only and only responsible for it.


As you said, Social Net working gives a kick, because it gives a magical pleasure. In my opinion, this addiction to Social networking is no less than Drug addiction. But, one should remember that Social Net working has its own advantages provided it is used in a limited manner.

The problem arises when people use it excessively forgetting their limits.. The example of the girl you mentioned is really foolish.  The girl simply forgotten her limits that resulted in her hospitalization. The lesson from this is, use the Social net working, but don't abuse it.


As we know curiosity has no limits,similarly these young girls, even though they are aware about the evil side of the social network, they fall prey into this due to curiosity. They are curious to know about someone and they blindly believe that they wont fall into evil side, probably such people are being more optimistic and less practical.   


There are many more issues that come into focus like for example the feudal minded society we live in where free mixing of men and women is still frowned upon. No wonder girls even ladies of 25 fall for such gimmicks simply because of lack of exposure .. whereas we have advanced in some spheres , we are still way behind in others, as a result of which we see a lop sided growth that directly effects the population.


usha manohar

I think that people are still gullible when it comes to social networking is because it allows you to live the life beyond your imagination. You can be anyone and do anything online without having to reveal your identity. Its like a false image. Also i feel that when it comes to being cheated or having an issues... many people have a perception that it can happen to others but not to me. 

Sandhya Rani Yes yes.... - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

There are two types of people: one who learns as he/she is taught and the second set is who learns after they face a setback in life. I feel the tech savvy generation believes in learning through their personal experiences good or bad. It is definitely okay till it's not harmful but in some cases when everything gets ruined then the life becomes painful. So, I believe the present generation must not rely only on their understanding but must give some importance to the experiences and understanding of the others too, be it seniors or contemporaries. 

Shampa Sadhya

Child has become father of father.

Social networking site is attracting lot to youngsters and child too.Everyone knows that some social networking sites are harmful but sometimes there unnecessarily activity cause them which is there mistake.The control over them which is needed is not there.They need to spend their more time doing something else instead of continuously using their different gadgets.     

Aditya tripathi

everything comes with both disadvantages and advantages. it depends on us how we use it. we cannot control other person but we can definitely control ourselves from becoming slave of social media. it is important that parents should made their kids aware about the evil side of internet and have a check on their daily activities. 


There's no evil in social networking sites as long as you adopt a practical mental approach. An individual should always be guided by his / her intuition in a social networking scenario and not be negatively tempted under any circumstances.

Social networking sites are a tool and they can be a blessing or a curse. Therefore, it's up to you how you use it.

Saurav Banerjee

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