Earlier men demanded fairer women and now women have similar demands! Lol, thats the best I can come up with now

Pearl Leo

Do you think making efforts to look good is the special domain of Women ? No.Adorning one's body and looks is prevalent since ages. Indian Mythologies are replete with examples, which stress on  the importance of looking good. In this regard, I beg to differ with  your view that Men are Gullible.


SHANA MARIA VERGHIS That was not the original point I'd made. I am trying to get a hang of your systems op. I was specifically asking about fairness cosmetics? - SHANA MARIA VERGHIS - 5 years ago
rambabu When I said, "looking Good" , it includes all kinds of Cosmetics. For example, Chandan, Kasturi are some of the cosmetics used extensively to look good. Additionally, "Sura Panam" the divine drink that makes anyone look young. - rambabu - 5 years ago
rambabu Saffron has all the qualities that enhance skin color. Men using cosmetics is not uncommon . This practice was necessary even according to those times of yore - rambabu - 5 years ago
SHANA MARIA VERGHIS That's all very well. But the topic is about obsession with being fair. Not personal grooming. - SHANA MARIA VERGHIS - 5 years ago

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Indian fixation for the fair skin is an old thing and no amount of education, awareness or any other thing can cure it. Just look at any of the matrimonial ads, everywhere the prospective bride has to be compulsorily fair skinned. Until the past decade or so, it did not matter much for men to be well groomed and polished looking. But ever since globalization has brought the world together and the open trade policy initiated in India by late Rajiv Gandhi, many foreign cosmetic companies entered the picture and they introduced this concept of the modern metrosexual man. So now there are so many different saloons and spas exclusively for men as well as exclusive cosmetic products for men. And seeing Indian fixation for fair skin, these products are now targeted more for men who fall for it big time.

Kalyani Nandurkar
SHANA MARIA VERGHIS Yes, I understand all these points. But I want men to respond on why they think some of their fellow members are so obsessed with this. Because I've been thinking it over for a while, since I saw Shahrukh Khan, who I thought was fairly intelligent, advertising a fairness cream. And frankly I thought he was promoting racism, even further. So I had planned to write an article for my paper, and I even checked cosmetics stores. Of course it was a random survey, but once I gave it my attention, I noticed that many men's cosmetics have a fairness product. And this is not that true of the women's products I saw. It is entirely possible that the shops I went to did not stock the line. But it gave me something to think about. I even discussed this with several of my men friends and he said that actually he was chatting to some American guys on the web. And one of the questions he was asked by them too was, "Why are you Indian men so hung up on being fair?" And these were a bunch of guys in a chatroom. I know a very well known musician who was dark skinned, and not bad looking. And then like Michael Jackson, he started to look weird, because he had been using bleach, of all things. So basically I'm looking for opinions. From 'their kind', if you like. Obviously there is a weak spot that the market is happily exploiting. The key words are fairness cream obsessed Indian men. - SHANA MARIA VERGHIS - 5 years ago
Kalyani Nandurkar Well, was not aware that you were looking for answers from males only! - Kalyani Nandurkar - 5 years ago

Wel, compare to earlier, now a days men are more concern about their beauty then women. As we know business rule is to cash the need of the people and therefore, most of the cosmetic companies started launching cosmetic more for men for getting fair


As a country, we are obsessed with fair complexion. It is silly but that is the utmost important criterion for external beauty. Earlier beauty was considered to be the domain of women. But as more and more men entered into glamour world, beauty entered their world too. Waxing of chest hairs, pedicure and manicure and so on...men or to be precised cosmo males started experimenting with everything that was limited to women earlier. From screen lives, things slowly creep into real lives. And business and ads always tap on such things.

But still I feel that there are real men as well as women who are comfortable in their skin and do not get obsessed by fairness or the ads of such products.

But I really find these ads hurting the feelings of masses ( we are by large dark skinned country) as they always show dark skin as a sign of inferiority. 

Arunima Singh

Men are into grooming than ever before. So will all the products flourish in the markets, to meet the demands.

Sheetal Kumar N

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