do you think husband should take responsibilities of wife's parents?

?   If a girl leave her home, family, lifestyle for her husband and take responsibilities of her husband& his family, then why husbands should not take care of her family & take responsibilities? 

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Reetu Karan Hadvani

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I feel that marriage is between equals and so all joys,  sorrows,  liabilities and responsibilities should be shared equally.  But sadly the patriarchy is so deep rooted that even in today's advanced civilised society,  we ask such questions. 

Arunima Singh

Yes...if a wife can take up the responsibility of his parents why can't he? Gone are the days when only females had to hold all the family responsibilities. Now it is a joint venture between the two partners.


Yes some time it happen that wife have not brother to look after her parents, in this situation husband must be look after parents of wife.


It i happening in many households since both work and having your parents at home is mutually helpful when there are small children...The parents can supervise the maid and keep an eye on the grand children. It doesnt matter whose parents they are 

usha manohar

The question itself reflects that there is a doubt in one's mind. Every child should take care of the parents. The husbands, if not broad-minded, then they will create a problem in taking care of his parents-in-law especially if his wife is a homemaker. A sensible man will never shun such responsibility. 

Shampa Sadhya

Yes, a husband should look after her wife's parents as well in reciprocation of his love towards her, when needed.


Why not?? Nowadays, most kids are a single child of their parents and so for the women, there is no one else to look after their parents once they marry and move to their husbands' homes. So it is her duty to take care of them as well as her in-laws. So the husband should also do that job as his wife is taking care of her home, kids, in-laws everything...

Kalyani Nandurkar

A good husband who knows responsibilities and who has already succeeded through hardships in life usually is good enough morally to take care of every possible thing related to him as the head of the house and depending on his personal situations too. Though it is a complex, charmful relation with many pathetic attitudes/ religious/superstitious/ saas-Sasural relation lines exists, a man has a capacity to cross them for the benefit not only his family but also the society in some situations. One should be broad-minded, caring and supporting for his own family, after all a family is not 2 persons, it is rather a 2 whole families and their products.  

Nipun A

As much I know and see the daughters take care of both of their families especially the ones who are the only child of their parents. Most women are self sufficient today so they do not have to look at their husbands to help their parents in this matter.


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