Do we need to control anger

Is it necessary to control anger? It is also one type of emotion like happiness, laugh etc..when we are not controlling them then why should we control anger?
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Rajani K

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Anger needs to be controlled , and one must not frustrate easily. His patience can be checked only by whether he becomes frequently angry or not.

No person likes to remain with an angry person, instead, he loves to be with a person with happy-go-lucky nature.

Anger needs to be controlled , and a jolly nature must be adopted by a person.

Sunaina Badhwar

Anger is a natural feeling like love, hate, fear etc.  We cannot totally avoid it.  It is also okay to guive expression to our anger rather than suppress it.  supression of any natural feeling may lead to psychic problems later.

However, anger is a negative feeling. If we feel angry too often, it is necessary to find out cause and remove the cause of anger instead of artificially controlling it.  Not expressing anger does not mean that you have controlled it.

Anger arises from frustration of desires and expectations. One must not nourish unrealistic expectations from others.  If you do not have too many expectations, mostly unreasonable, there will be no frustration and no anger.


Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

I feels angry following an incident which had taken not according to my plan or some faults had occured.For example if my HOD(boss) had scolded me definitely in home it will reflect.When my children don't obey me definitely it will reflect in my next action as a punishment.I think it is to be controlled, but am helpless to control it!

Abid Areacode

It is necessary to control anger because if we does not control anger it can hurt the people we love.

neetu jain

Rajani, Anger is a natural feeling and to feel angry is only human. But as an intelligent and rational human being, anger must be controled in a contsructive manner. Undue or uncontroled anger can result into damaged relationships, damaged images, destructed career and also damage to self. A controled anger directed towards a well-thought goal can result in building great enterprises. Therefore controling anger is a necessity.

A famous quote by Winston Churchill says it all A man is about as big as the things that make him angry.

Kalyani Nandurkar

Anger is the worst enemy of us as it may easily spoil or break our good relationships with people. Words said in anger are usually bad and harsh and it affects the person who hears that.So we should try to avoid using bad words when we get anger.


Do we need to control anger?
Anger makes dull men witty, but it keeps them poor.
- Elizabeth I
Any living thing (all species) on earth are alwayas starving for happiness..Right from a small insects till the modern human being.. And the one who is always in the state of ever lasting happiness can give everlasting happiness to others.. And God is the only one who always remains in that state (Sat Chit Anand). All the other thing in this world are incomplete and changes daily so they cannot give us happiness..
So by doing Bhakti and chanting one can get the bliss , anand (Everlasting happiness). If you reach that state then there is no question of anger .. This is very ideal state..
There are three stages in anger .You become aware of anger after the incidence happened, second stage you become aware when the incidence is happening. third stage is you become before incidence has happened.For the first stage the remedy would be make prayers to lord krishna to make aware of anger before the incidence happens and pay gratitude that atleast he has made aware of anger. For second stage remedy would be chant and control anger and pay gratitude. And for third stage chant and pay gratitude... Chanting prayers and paying gratitude all the time and all the moments helps me lot every time.So, yes we need to control anger.

Is it necessary to control anger?
Anger is the most impotent passion that accompanies the mind of man; it effects nothing it goes about; and hurts the man who is possessed by it more than any other against whom it is directed.So it is necessary that one must control anger.

It is also one type of emotion like happiness, laugh etc..when we are not controlling them then why should we control anger?

I would suggest you some simple steps to control your anger. when ever you feel angry on some thing close your eyes take a deep breath, hold the breth for 5 seconds and breathout. then chant some of your favourite slogans. it will help u to get positive energy inside you and you'll be gud.


It is necessary to control anger because if we does not control anger it can hurt the people we love.

neetu jain

Yes anger has to be controlled. Anger creates lot of unwanted stress to our body and creates unwanted hormones to be produced more which will cause problems when we become old.


“Anybody can become angry — that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way — that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.”
― Aristotle

Sometimes it is necessary to become angry. If you don't have fire in your heart, you won't work hard to achieve your goal. Learn to become angry on yourself when you fail to achieve anything which you have dreamt for.
Devyani Sarkar

Yes we should control anger as it harms us only not anyone else. I have seen people who can control their anger are the one who comes out as a winner even in difficult situations.
Sanjeev Gupta

Yes we should control anger. It is harm to our health and mind.

Yes some times we need to control anger.we have one qoute that is very useful whenever you are anger."Thana kopame thanaku shathruvu,Thana shanthame thanaku raksha.


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