What foods should pregnant women avoid?

What foods should pregnant women avoid?

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Santosh Kumar Singh

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Expert opinion: Doctors say, "During pregnancy dietary demands definitely increase". The nutritional status of the mother is most important, however, as the baby is dependent on her for its supply of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This does not mean that a pregnant woman should eat for two."They suggest that a pregnant woman maintain a well-balanced, nutritious diet throughout her pregnancy.

what must be avoided?
1.Avoid smoking and drinking. Limit drinking coffee and tea, twice in a day is fine.it could lead to intrauterine growth retardation of their babies
2.Avoid raw or lightly cooked egg and certain fish...
3. Never take any OTC tablets in your pregnancy period without consulting your doctor.
4. Try to avoid more Microwaved food, there is no proof for that, just reduce the number of times you use microwave atleast in the first trimester.
5.Avoid Pineapple, papaya dates and also same seeds
6.Chiken,mutton all type of non vegetarian food items must be avoided.

what must be taken?
1.Iron n folic acid is to be taken mandatorily for 100 days by all pregnant women
2.Egg, 1 Banana and 1 glass milk per day other than the normal food can give everything for the developing baby.
Drink lot of fresh water.
3.Carrot Halwa,Milk & other calcium rich food is very important as calcium requirement is more during pregnancy.
4.Dont forget greens, Veggeis,fruit and atleast 1 litre of water a day. Try to drink a glass of water every hour. Its an easy way of taking in water and the result will be a very clear urine ,which is not yellowish which means you are not dehydrated.

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During pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid highly refined foods such as bakery products made from refined white flour.

Avoid very spicy and very oily foods.

Avoid papaya and drumsticks, rest of the veggies and fruits are fine.

Avoid raw or lightly cooked eggs. If having non-vegetarian dishes, the meat or poultry should be sourced from a reputable and trusted seller and these foods should be cleaned thoroughly and cooked properly.

Avoid eating foods from wayside stalls or open markets.

Avoid Chinese food completely because these contain Sodium monoglutamate (MSG), commonly called Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto is freely used in Chinese dishes to improve taste and it is a known carcinogenic. Researchers have also found that it causes congenital deformities in babies.

If eating out in a hotel, check beforehand if the food contains Ajinomoto. Many hotel establishments use MSG in Indian cuisine too.

Avoid eating pre-packaged and frozen meals as well as ready-to-eat meals since these contain added preservatives not beneficial for growing fetuses.


Kalyani Nandurkar

Fatty foods can be avoided during pregnancy. Green vegetables and fruits rich in iron can be consumed to stay healthy. Healthy mother means healthy baby. So never compromise with foods during pregnancy. Time to time doctor checkup is also necessary :)
Rakhi Yadav

Pine apple and Pappaya are the major foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Hmm.. Its pappaya, garlic(more quantity is surely not good so better avoid or go for less). There should be more but I only know about these two.

Be away from Eggs, Sushi, Unpasteurized Juice, Some Varieties of Fish, High Levels of Caffeine, Nitrate-Rich Foods.
see also

You must avoid meat, Very spicy food, cold drinks, street foods, Papaya,refrigerated foods, alcohol, smoking etc.

Basically fat , high carbo foods and also alcohol should be avoided.Eating a high protein diet with lots of begetables, fruits and milk and milk products and fluids is excellent to keep the weight gain at a steady pace..
usha manohar

Papaya is the main food to avoid...

junk ffods
Aakash Agarwal

Papayas and drumssticks.

Anything which increases heat in body should be avoided

Pregnant lady need to avoid oily food, junk food, eggs, fish. Food rich with fat and carbohydrates and alcohol need to avoid.
Bol Bachchan

Papaya, pineapple and pineapple juice are a strict no-no during pregnancy.
Mousumi Ghosh

Raw Papaya is the main food to be avoided as the enzyme papain can dissolve the new fetus and cause abortion. However, ripe papaya with the inner seeds and fibers thoroughly cleaned is very good. Pineapple should also be avoided especially in first trimester as it might cause miscarriage.

All junk foods, high sugar food and ones with added preservative and sweeteners are not good. Having food high in mercury content as is some fishes can damage the developing brain of the baby.

Smoking and drinking is a strict no no.

Canned  and over the counter or ready to eat meals should be avoided. Fresh food is the best.

Intake of caffeine should be restricted.

Arunima Singh

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