how can you find a way to success

in your daily life in which way you find you way to get sucess in all or any field.
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Postive attitude,determination and hardwork are needed for doing anything in life. The success depends on all these things and fate too. One should do whatever they can and rest should be left on our fate. However, without hardwork even a lucky person will not get success.
Rajani K

Success depends on good planning and hard/ smart work. You need first to get necessary inputs and facts about the task ahead and the way to do. Then plan accordingly and execute.

Be positive and hard work you get success easily.

Interest, knowledge and smart work are the key factors to success.
Arun Selvan

The first and foremost way is to have that "Will to win." Perseverance and a "Never say die" type of attitude.

Discipline,determination and dedication are the most important key factors of success. Positive attitude, Perseverance and doing thorough analysis of the issue/problem/process bring you success. If we start with effective planing, We can succeed definitely.

Dedication,hard work are key things to achieve success those who plan how to achieve the targets and work as per the plans and make strategy often get success.
Sanjeev Gupta

In this world we all are living for happiness. So even if we get success. There is no assurance of happiness. So you must think on the things which gives you happiness. then enjoy ny doing it. for success you must have only one thought such as i want to score good marks. so in this way that thought keeps you focused towards your goal.

hard work is key to success
arjun sai

Motivation is very important. See dreams so that you get reason to live, work and earn. Once you start working, work with honesty and dedication. Smartness is necessary to complete your target on or before time. Be brave to become a successful person.
Devyani Sarkar

To succeed in life there is no short cut. You have to work hard and constantly to achieve it.

More and more you work towards your planning which you do daily, more you will move towards your success. Success can't be achieve in one day. It need consistency. Just believe that you are doing good in your work. Don't just sit idle, when you get an idea to come close to success. Action is the only solution to move towards success.
Ronark Bhardwaj

Success in life is temporary and unless we put in consistent effort and hard work we cannot sustain what we have...
usha manohar

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