Define a Friend?

Can you define Friend/Friendship?

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Atul P Barapatre

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Friend is the most intimate and important relation. This is differentiated by the fact that this is not blood relation. Thus friends are by your choice unlike blood relation like parents, siblings , cousins, uncles, aunts that are not by your choice but by accident of birth.

Friend is one you may communicate and otherwise interact freely without inhibitions. If there are any inhibitions, there is something lackin in friendship.

It is often said a friend in need is friend indeed. I do not agree with this definition. A friend may not be competent enough to help you in a situation. even then if he is sincere to you, he is your friend.

Absence of inhibitions should enable you to demand whatever you think, from your friend. The friend may unhesitatingly accept your demand or even unhesitatingly refuse. True friendship  is not any way affected by making demand or refusing it. This is simply absence of inhibitions and hesitation in mutual interactions.

Friendship need not be just physical intimacy. It is more a matter of mental identity. Lord Krishna had a friend sudama, whom he loved and had intimate friendship despite vast difference in status.

Lord Krishna had relations with three women. Rukmani-wife, Radha- beloved and Drupadi- friend. He had no romantic relation with Rumani unlike Radha and Rukmani. Drupadi was his friend.  Nobody except Lord Krishna was of help to Drupadi in her hour of crisis. This is because of friendship. There is no relation like friendship. 

Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

True friends are very precious. Its really hard to find people who are your well wishers. On those bleak days when things are not going your way, friends are rays of hope. In short friends are mirror where you can discover yourself :)
Rakhi Yadav

The one you trust and believe the most outside of family. The one who brings out the best in you and the one that you enjoy the company of.

Sheetal Kumar N

To me, a friend is someone who would be with you irrespective of the situation you are in, guide you and correct you when required, and acts in a way which would help u the best, not just for the present, but for the future too.

Consider this example,

There were four friends. one got into some trouble and got arrested and send to jail and seeing this one of them ran away(friend) the other came to police station with a lawyer to take him out. Do you knw the where is the fourth person ? He was along with the one who was taken to the jail.. ie if it is a real friend then he/she may not be with you in your happiness but will be with u in ur sorrows for sure.

I'm very much proud to say and lucky that I do have a real friend...


# A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
# A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
# A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
# One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement:

(F)inds you in a
(R)ush of people
(I)nspires you to do something in life, catch your
(E)motions &
(N)ever leaves you till

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Sharing which is the great thing to built up the relation. We can share anything with our friend without fear, hesitation etc..,

M.Thamarai Selvi

A friend is a person who is always ready to help you in your difficult situation and expects help from you in his/ her difficult times.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

A friend is one who stand with you when you are happy,sad,trouble what not.friend in need is friend in deed


A friend is a person with you you can share your sorrow and share your joy too....geographical distance should not affect your friendship.
Mousumi Ghosh

A friend is person whose value is undefined i.e infinite!

A true friend is that to who we can share everything. A true friendship is not greedy.

A friend is one who remains with you through thick and thin. Rain or shine. Makes the way to to shoot ahead without blocking your way.

It is difficult to define true friend and friendship. A true friend is always with us in any situation. A true friend find our mistake and help us to recover from mistakes.
Bol Bachchan

A person who understands us and corrects us

A friend is one who stands in front of you when trouble arises.

a person who knows you
Aakash Agarwal

Friends should have the freedom to be themselves in front of us not put on an act and also be able to criticise if and when necessary....A good friend need not be at your beck and call all the time but you know you can depend on him or her when you need them !
usha manohar

Those who always remains with you.

Friend is one who understands your feeling and help you in difficult situation without your asking help from him/her.
Sanjeev Gupta

There is no definition for the friend. It is defined that friend in need is a friend in deed.

No definition Just examin when you are in need or any problem if he/she help you out the he is a true freind if not then you got the definition...

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