How to select a life partner?

Normally we will used to select a life partner based on caste money n qualification but how to do feel like to select your life partner
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There is no perfect solution to getting the best life partner.Things can work for the best even in an arranged marriage or go wrong in a love marriage.What is important is to take some time to get to know each other, especially the negative aspects since no one is perfect...
usha manohar

It varies from individual to individual as some just want good looks and career while some want good character also. But it is difficult to find all qualities in single individual and marriage is life long affair. So understanding each other and lot of trust is must for long relation. If the person is good friend of you and if you feel that he/she can stay with you in long run then selecting such person can be advantageous.
Rajani K

I am already married and mine was an arranged marriage. My parents saw my wife first and the inquired about her family back ground and my wife's qualification and her nature. That's what I think we see in arranged marriages. Contrary to this love marriage is generally a couple when see their nature/thinking match with the partner I think its better to go for marriage with consent of parents.
Sanjeev Gupta

i think this is choice based, there is no set formula on how you select your life partner. this is purely an individual choice. no one can answer it without going through the process.

Life partner should not be selected. Nature selects. When you feel attachment naturally with another person, partner is selected.

We should select an appropriate life partner which is suitable for us.
Ronark Bhardwaj

qualities and character are the key points of selecting the right partner.

It varies on individual. I have no option now, But I would like a honest , intelligent and reliable person.

It depend upon aperson there is no set criteria of selwcting alife partner.

I would not go for looks or money, but see his character and a decent one
fazelath Imraan

I think Cast and money is not important. I will choose partner with which I feel comfortable and happy. and same goes for her too. I mean both should be comfortable with each other.

Few things becomes very important before marriage. Some tests and verifications must be done because the person may be wrong. Hence thorough medical check up and verification of all identity and educational proofs must be done compulsarily. In case if you believe in astrology then match-making is also important. Falling in love and getting married makes people cry. Marrying for money or other benefit is also bad. These brings sadness and frustation in life.
Devyani Sarkar

To see the equal qualities because we can progress in our life this way.

Marriage is name of accepting each other with their negative aspects. We should not give much weight to beauty. when we are going to selecting partner we must be told by about our shortcomings.

I will see the compatibility factor between me and my partner. If we adjust and cooperate with each other in the life's UPs and DOWNS, even if she is not of my caste, I will choose my partner of my life.



Look for compatibility, good family and clean background.

Sheetal Kumar N

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