what is the hierarchy of designations at TCS?

Do anyone know what is the hierarchy of designations at TCS?

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Priya B
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In any software companies following are the levels of hierarchy,

Level 4 - Associate / assistant Software Engineer (basically a trainee) duration to go to next tier (1 to 1.5Yrs):
Software engineer - next to ASE (1.5 Yrs)
The role of the software engineer is varied according to the area of operation and functional domain that he/she is in.

level 3 - Senior Software Engineer (1.5 Yrs)
A senior software engineer typically handles some of the programming responsibilities, and delegates programming responsibilities to other members of the technical staff working on the application.

level 2 -Team lead, Technical lead (2-3 Yrs)
Prepare reports and maintain records of work accomplishments and administrative information, as required, and coordinate the preparation, presentation, and communication of work-related information to the supervisor.

level 1 - Project Manager (3-5 Yrs)
The role of the Project Manager will be to manage and deliver projects, as assigned.

level 0 - Senior Project Manager , location manager, account manager, resource manager, delivery manager
After tier 0 you become a President, VP, Chief Operating Officer(COO), one aiming the board of directors and move across organizations.

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It is the same as Infosys. Senor skilled experts in the top followed by middle experts and the juniors


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Hi priya,

It is very difficult to judge which company  has what designation unless we are employee of the company or have gone through any recruitment process..And you havent specified in which field you want as any company have different fileds..

According to my knowledge in IT or software department the designation from junior level range like this Assistant System Engineer, IT analyst, Assistant Consultant, Associate Consultant..and soon..

Hope i have clarified..
Rajani K
Answered 7 years ago
Rajani K

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