Facebook or Whatsapp?

Two big giants of communication today - Facebook or Whatsapp. Both have some advantages over the other. While Whatsapp help us to stay connect with our family and friends through mobile with zero cost messages, Facebook helps us to find friends - new and old. Which one is your favourite and which one do you feel the best?

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Sandhya Rani

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None, I'm a member in the Facebook. and and stopped being active. I found they are of no use to me in any respect. Of late Facebook has become a hub of controversies..


Both are useful and have different purposes, one can choose between the two according to their needs. I use both, FB is useful for me connect with people and friends as I work on my desktop. I use Whatsapp only to connect with my college friends group and with family members only.

Kalyani Nandurkar

I use Facebook more for seein friends's news and their comments. I don't use Whatsapp but just send SMS when necessary. 

You have already mentioned the adv and disadv of both and both these and both FB and Whatsapp serve different purposes. But I like Whatsapp, helps me stay connected and updated and share funny sms and brings a smile on my face and by sharing those msgs I can bring  a smile on other people's face. My vote goes to Whatsapp.

Mousumi Ghosh

whtsapp and Facebook both are excellent. facebook is a social networking site where we can find our friends and read news and other posts whereas whtsapp is only used for instant messaging. 



I prefer whtsapp over facebook because whtsapp is easier to use. It consume less data as well as safe from hacking.


Both are good depending upon your priorities, some people use FB etc for their commercial purpose and take full advantage of it.


For me I use whatsapp more over facebook. Both are good as both. Facebook have more features, but we can get more active users on whatsapp. I found whatsapp simple and fast way of communicating in compare of FB, so I prefer more it. FACEBOOK application eats more memory on our phone too, so I not prefer to install it on my phone. 


Those two things will be useful for the people who knows how to use it. All apps are good but how we are utilizing it as per our requirement will show its benefits in return. Every app is created to use it in a efficient manner. When we didn't care about our personal information to kept online then only problem arises.


Whats up and Facebook- Both serves us in different ways.Whats up helps us to keep contacts at anytime, if we have a smart phone in our pocket. With the introduction of Whats up voice call , free of cost whats up is all set to make a revolution. But Facebook is different. Its not just about keeping in contacts. Its about finding out contacts.For sharing ideas or photos surely, Facebook is the best tool.



Both Whatsapp and FB are good and our choice varies as per our requirement and convenience. No doubt, both help us keeping our contacts alive. My favourite is Facebook, but the friendship with Whatsapp still continues.  


I like what's app with the people whom  want to share my mobile number but in case of Facebook i can interact with the people without letting them know my mobile number.

Sanjeev Gupta

Wel, both have their own advantages and even disadvantage. Earlier both bit secure and now they are being hacked now a days. and no security. Both are similar and same.


I like both for the reasons that you have rightly mentioned. Social media does have it's advantages and disadvantages.

Sheetal Kumar N

Whatsapp for its less fuss and simple to use UI and Facebook to find new friends.


both are my favorite.

Nidhi Rajput

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