What makes you angry most?

Perhaps telling lies make me angry most, and that too only if told by my dear ones who I believe most. I may withstand a wrong deed if my dear one doesn't hide it from me. Losing faith in someone is not easy to restore for anyone - I feel so. I also hate most if persons tell wrong things to break a relationship, particularly between spouses. It's just an extension of what I quoted as first point. Yes, the frustration and sadness can take an angry mode very soon or later, if dear ones act as relationship breakers/home breakers. 

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Sandhya Rani

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I become angry when i fail to to do regular walking in the early hours of morning. This  is my regular habit. If due to any reason, if I fail to wake up, I become angry and curse myself.

Sandhya Rani What about feeling angry to others? - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago
rambabu I will never be angry towards others - rambabu - 4 years ago
Sandhya Rani I need to test you :) - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

I get angry when someone does not keep their word ...I feel that you should never make promises unless you are able to fulfill it and once you do so you should make sure that you keep your promise. Normally I never break any promise that I give although I try not to make firm promises because anything can happen and I may not be able to keep it up :) I find many people making promises without thinking which goes to show how shallow their word is ..

usha manohar

I get angry when someone makes children cry.


I become angry if some one insults me and tells me that I can't do something I want to do. It makes me angry when I know that I could do it with some efforts and learning. I don't like when people discourage me and join me to celebrate my achievements. It makes me angry.

Vishakha Purohit
Sandhya Rani Self respect - I too give a lot of importance. For that single thing, I may battle with friends, relatives or whole world. I may not stay in a relationship where the other person doesn't give me self respect.... I may not express my anger to the dear ones who hurt me this way, just leave it and go..... - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago
Vishakha Purohit I don't show my anger and it is one of the habits I need to let go. I just keep my anger inside and frustrate at times. So I have learned to express anger for myself only and I write it all out on a paper. I throw the paper away after writing my anger out. It makes me happy later and prevents any damage with my family, relatives and friends most of the time. If writing does not help me in a few times then I cry alone. - Vishakha Purohit - 4 years ago

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