Do you need a support from someone while doing something?

"We may be right in every sense while doing something. But the positive energy we achieve from someone's support gives the real happiness of its outcome"

It can be anyone - a friend, parent, spouse or even a stranger. I believe so. What about you?

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Sandhya Rani

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An encouragement from loved ones who matter a lot to us, definitely fuels us up and energizes. Well, who does not loves to be acknowledged and appreciated? But, there are few decisions or actions which do not get support but we still do it because there is a strong conviction that drives it. 

Many a times, people who oppose it in the beginning start appreciating it over a period of time once they see the positive outcome. Sometimes they don't appreciate because it conflicts with their beliefs. But it's OK with me to go ahead if I have a strong conviction. We have to learn to survive with differences around us and maintain the harmony

Arunima Singh
Sandhya Rani I wont mind loss of one point with this answer... - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago
Sandhya Rani I liked it, "there are few decisions or actions which do not get support but we still do it because there is a strong conviction that drives it" - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago
Arunima Singh Thank you - Arunima Singh - 4 years ago

I don't need nor expect support for something that I am determined to carry out , however getting support from people close to me adds strength and spurs me on even more ..

usha manohar

It depends on the nature of work.  For example take Cooking. I do not know even the rudiments of Cooking..But  I encourage her and  appreciate her preparations. This in turn  gives her immense happiness, resulting in more  delicious and mouth watering preparations.

In the case of Yoga, even tough my wife doesn'.t know anything about Yoga, she gives me a lot of moral support. This support naturally boosts my energy and Positivitty. .


Getting support some your close one definately boost my energy and positivity around and that makes me happy. also I feel more confident to work more hard towards the goal. Sometimes even though I am confident about my decision, it gives immense happiness to see the close ones are supporting me.. 


Getting and giving support in family strong bonding. I always like to help in routine work in home. It save time.


It depends on the type of work. Whenever I need help from near ones, always ask them and whenever they need help, I am always ready.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Every time it is not necessary we need a support to do something from someone but sometimes can be happen because we all don't know all the things so if you don't know about any new work or something so you can take the help from another, it's totally depends on your work.


ya absolutely true the support boosts your confidence that what you are doing is right

Usually, I do what I feel right and in that direction, if people extend support to me then nothing worth it. Here, I would like to mention that if I fail to garner some support from other quarters then also I don't stop marching towards my goal. I believe in Tagore's 'Ekla cholo re' that means to walk alone.    

Shampa Sadhya

I believe that at some stage or another, we do depend on others and need their support from time to time.

Sheetal Kumar N




Absolutely, support is something everybody needs in this current world where everybody has their own views about another person. Support encourages people to reach their goal or target.


i think we should do whatever we want and whatever we like but the condition is it must be in right direction and beneficial for all because except family no one can support you neither friends nor relatives.

Nidhi Rajput

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