Yet another Techie murder

I was extremely shocked today reading the news of a woman Techie's coldblooded murder in one of the biggest IT firms of India at Pune. Most shocking is that she worked alone in an afternoon shift, that too on a holiday. In the recent times, women's security at work places is a major concern and even after such incidents, no one is keen with safety measures to be taken. In your opinion what measures can be taken in work places for women's safety? Please share your views......

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Sandhya Rani

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The measures such as a robust security system accompanied by CCTV surveillance ,emergency alarms,mobile apps such as tapping a specific button would inform police or close family members.Mandatory strengthening of rules regarding women safety in companies.Ensuring safe cab provision for late night working women.

Yes. Rasila Raju's  an Infosys  employee's murder created shock waves in the Country. Her murder raised questions about the security of IT women professionals in Pune, a city that has gained fame as one of the biggest IT hubs in the Country. The Police Commissioner asked the Infosys management. why CCTVs were not monitored.

The Commissioner suggested basic security and the monitoring the Surveillance system .is highly essential to safeguard the women employees

Sandhya Rani Give a few more options too, how can women's security be done and monitored, except CCTV - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

This is a horrible incident that has happened close on the heels of another incident that happened in December. It is really horrible and sick! There are a few aspects of this particular incident that I feel, if she had taken care of, this would have been avoided. The security man who murdered her had glared at her a few days ago and she had told him off severely. I feel that people of this category should not be needled with in public, instead of telling him off, she should have talked with her bosses or the persons in charge of security/ facilities etc. Also she was in the company on a weekly off and all by herself with no other employees around. She should not have taken such risk, she should have asked a couple of her colleagues to accompany her on that day.

Kalyani Nandurkar
Sandhya Rani I was deeply distressed seeing headlines in the first page of our local newspapers. Yes, I also felt so, she should have never stayed in office premises alone.... I just remembered the tragedy of Aruna Shanbaug, who also became a victim of similar kind of case - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

Was shocked by the incident. And as far as the safety and security of the women is concerned. I strongly feel that we should not be waiting for safety measures to be taken. Instead learn to say NO. If she was called to office on Sunday evening, she should have strongly said NO. period. Her life is more important than her job. Also women in general should empower themselves to take care of their own safety and should be vigilant at all times. 

Sandhya Rani Yes I agree 100% with your opinion..... We should take our own safety measures first - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

women may be faced odd situation at any time any where. First of all they must be keep with them some item which help him in emergency. second thing as much as possible she avoids working alone in offices. If neccessray than asked management for her security.


If women try to secure herself then she can,there are so many ways.First, they need to grow themselves as brave women or a girl.

Aditya tripathi

Women and people in general should be provided an atmosphere which is secure and safe. These incidents are painful and should not happen.

Sheetal Kumar N

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