Can you believe in someone's words without solid proofs?

This question is linked to my experience in the recent times related to social media. I have mentioned about a fraud in one of the questions earlier. Small lies are OK, yet when I felt it crossed all the boundaries, I wrote about him with his name specified in my personal blog, and posted in twitter. My words were sincere, and it crossed 900 views within around 48-50 hours, and except two readers no one asked me if I whatever I quoted was 100% right. He showed his mother's picture once and told it's his wife (who died of delivery complications of first child). It's exactly the same point which was not easy for readers to digest. I didn't provide any screenshots or other solid proofs or any other person's remarks to support what I accused on him. Everyone believed my words, complimented my work....and no one even know about my whereabouts.


What do you think? Are words so powerful that they sometimes never need proofs to stand against all odds and evils?  

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Sandhya Rani

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words are much powerful. It is a believe that some one speak a lie for 100 time people begins to believe on it, that it is a truth.


I can only spea for myself..I find social sites very shallow , so will take anything said there with a pinch of salt. It seems the same in real life , unless I amo totally convinced I don't simply believe .

usha manohar

It depends. Some things like, the Sun rises Equinox Sun rises due east and sets in west does;t need any proof. There are several Truths like this which do not require solid proofs


Blind trust can force to believe on someone without any solid proofs because some reationship do create this blind trust.

Aditya tripathi

It depends on the person and his history of credibility. I don't believe in blind trust and try to keep my logical side on to judge the statement and then believe it. However there has been incidences (though a few) where my emotional side has misguided me.

For social media, I am on same page with Usha. I know many false facts go viral due to a series of sharing. Many of them are drafted and documented to attract and have no validity. So I wait till I get it from old reliable sources like a newspaper

Arunima Singh

It all depends on the trust we have on that person . If we trust a person we believe him without any solid proof where as if we don't trust him we will have our doubts even with solid proof.


I do not believe blindly on people and would want people to share facts for them to be believable.

Sheetal Kumar N

it depends on situations, observations, facts, doubts and the level of person in my life.

Nidhi Rajput

maybe some time believe it

Abdul V

No,actions speak better than words.Some things can be rumors.It also depends on the trust levels.We tend more to believe negative things.But nowadays,we just can't believe blindly.


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