Most failures hide successes inside

How can you interpret my statement in your words? Or do you disagree with this statement?

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Sandhya Rani

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It is saying that failure is key to success. Main this is efforts, one person who do efforts may be success or fail. So every person who what to be success in any field always took failure as lesson.


it means success comes with failure.. Without failure there is less or no chance of success.. I do agree to this point.. I have personally experienced success after lot of failures.


I am of the opinion, Failure is the life's greatest Teacher. Look at  great thinkers through out History, we can notice that failure is a powerful tool as any in reaching great success.

I also think that failure is the prelude to success. But one should have that courage to face the failures and start again with renewed vigor towards success.

 Unfortunately many get disappointed with a single failure and stop further efforts to achieve success.


Failure and success are two sides of the same coin..Unless there i failure you dont value success and having tasted success one can know that failure is difficult to handle.But I doubt if there is any human being who has seen only success in life or only failures in life !

usha manohar

Success comes after failures.Failure teaches us that who gain success in your work.So I think that this line is comfortably true for everyone. 

Aditya tripathi

I believe every success story has something to say about the failure one has tasted while achieving success. In the same way, the failures do have a string of successful stint to speak about. Definitely, there is a section of people who have either won or lost constantly in their lives. Naturally, some are exceptionally well of and some have never tasted life's brighter side so their story is one sided.   

Shampa Sadhya

Failures give a deeper insight and groom us. We can introspect, improvise ourselves, get more meticulous in execution and move forward with more experience. Failure can be taken as a learning step and many success stories are backed by a series of failure

Arunima Singh

I agree with Mr Rambabu because failures are our teacher. Because when we fail we analyse our mistakes and avoid them next time and at the same time we respect our hard won victory.


Failure is the stepping stone to success. It simply says that, we end up working harder to achieve success.

Sheetal Kumar N

Agree. Failures teach lessons of successes.


Behind every failure,there is a struggle,there are mistakes,there are efforts,there are lessons.There are fears overcome,there are plans.So after a failure,a person is well equipped to attain success.His efforts to try is in itself nothing but success.


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