Sexual harrassment of film heroines - Not an issue for Indian society?

It came a great shock two days back, when a leading south Indian actress was abducted on her way back to home at around 7.30 pm on Saturday, and left at the heart of Ernakulam city two hours later by a gang of 5 members. In the moving cabin in one of the busiest routes of Kerala, she was threatened, physically and sexually abused, her pictures and videos shot in compromising positions before the gang left her. Most shocking part is that it happened in the most busiest city of Kerala, in open public in the late evening, and gives wrong signs that even celebrities are not safe. To add more fumes, the involvement of her driver, and the incident originally planned one month ago, and may include some big guns are other added facts. The incident draws close lines with 2012 Delhi incident and many events are matching with the recent Bollywood film, Pink - mere co-incidence.

Actually a bunch of discussions can be started off with this topic. Yet I would like to concentrate my discussions on society's mentality to film heroines. Actually it's hurting to see many remarks on social networking sites merely because she is a film heroine. For many, molestation of a heroine is not a big concern. Many feel it's quite common in film field, and only concern is about shot videos and photos. Many even went on to say she reported to police only because of this factor, merely forgetting what the agony she faced in those two hours in the hands of a group of goons?

Are celebrities not humans? Is she not a woman who can go through all the depressions and agonies of a victim? What's your opinion on this concern?

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Sandhya Rani

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It is really shocking indeed to read about the news. It does not matter that the woman who faced the assault is an actress, her profession should not matter to anyone and it is wrong if people are judging her based on what she does for a living. What is wrong here is the attitude of the people who think that just because she acts in films she is available to be asualted as they please. Once again, the mentality of the men here is exposed who think that women is nothing but a toy for them. However, one fact that we cannot deny here is the films, be it Bollywood or any other language, promote and project women as mere dolls and someone whose duty is only to please and attract men.

Kalyani Nandurkar
Sandhya Rani Well said!!! You quoted every point. - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago
Sandhya Rani Pulsar Suni has been arrested dramatically inside the court room during the lunch section yesterday. A series of hilarious comments by advocates after that. The actress originally belongs to Thrissur town, and she is known locally by people here. In fact my daughter took dance classes from a master, where she also studied for a short while. In Mollywood, actresses proficient in dance and acting skills at school level have better chances to get film offers. That fatal day too, she was on a return from her home town after her dubbing works for her upcoming movie - Honey Bee 2, to Kochi, where she is currently residing now - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

My opinion is it is a blotch on the face of the Society. I agree with you that Celebrities too are Humans. It is definitely an issue for Indian Society.

rambabu Thank you Sandhya - rambabu - 4 years ago

A rape attempt or rape is equally condemnable . It hardly matters who the lady is ..It is good that the Kerala film industry has shown it's support to the actress, also Maneka Gandhi . But at the same time I read the news that the accused Sunil has been freed , not sure how it happened. 

usha manohar
Sandhya Rani I am not taking his name. The actress has lost some golden chances in Malayalam movies in the recent times, due to the intervention of this so called superstar. It's due to some personal matters. Though film industry is showing support to this actress, I doubt if it will end only as crocodile tears!!! - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

It is harrassment with woman, for got it that she is actress. Every type of harrassment with women is crime.


We are living in a society which has overdose of such news about sexual harassments. We have lost our sensitivity to these news now. Our blood boils for a while, they catch media reporting and attention for a while. Then it becomes a blame game, is politicized and debated....So on but the outcome is null. Societal mindset does not change. We remain insensitive and read such news daily as a part of life till we get cases like this one or Nirbhaya case. But the reality remains same. Victims suffer ad and are forgotten after a while. 

Each household lives with a fear of it's women safety and remains helpless. Be it a celebrity or a common girl, each one is equally​ vulnerable

Arunima Singh

A lady of any stature is usually taken for granted in India. The worst part is, India is full of such people who believe in making sarcastic comments without looking into their own demerits. Actresses are first human beings then ladies and thereafter actress so no one can take away the fact that they feel equally scared, ashamed and disrespected when they face sexual harassment. Such cases should be handled firmly and strict punishment should be given to the culprits. 

Shampa Sadhya














Humanity is almost die. Nobody respect others feelings. Heroines privacy is not a matter here. Punishment which make a man perfect. Don't do any evil. Cinema is also field where the work is acting but they too need privacy. They too obey law. Law for everyone is same.







M.Thamarai Selvi

Sexual Harassment is just unacceptable and it should not matter if the victim is a celebrity or not. These incidents are on the rise and must be controlled by law at the earliest, before it becomes a bigger menace.

Sheetal Kumar N

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