Can you stay without your phone for one day?

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Sheetal Kumar N

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its quiet impossible to stay without phone.But if we can try then we can stay away from phone.


Sharmistha Banerjee

I am not addicted to it so without my phone I can manage for a few days. Well, I must admit that it has become a necessity and extremely useful item so it will be difficult to manage my various chores without it. 

Shampa Sadhya

Of course I can because when I went to my parents place last time I forget to take my phone . I was there for two days and I was still alive. Thou I missed my phone at times but I survived.


phone is important present life 

Abdul V

If it is a important issue, then i cant but if not then i can


Very difficult. It has become an integral part of our lives. I dont think i can stay without my phone.


No, I can not live without my phone for one hour. I check my phone at regular intervals for new messages and for using inter.

I cant even expect such a thing as I am in constant check on the phone in Net for various things like PDF's, calls, emails & photos. I guess it is practically not possible for this generation atleast.


Phones have become an essential part of today's life. Though criticized for all negative social, emotional and physical impact it has on our lives, it is the need of the fast paced life. It has become an addiction more than a need. 

However, when it comes to me..I can happily stay without it for few days. Even in my day to day life I keep my phone away from me and attend it only when there is a call. For WhatsApp and other social medias I have a fixed time. I try to use it for good and not to make it an addiction.

I once went for a trekking adventure with a group and left my phone by mistake. I could happily survive without it for the trip of two days.

Arunima Singh

It may not be easy but there have been times when I have managed without my cell phone. But it has definitely become a very essential part of my life ..

usha manohar

I can stay without my phone for one year. In fact, I had a phone from February 2017 to January 2018 because I was out of country and missed my phone dearly. But I certainly lived my life and still alive.


Very difficult but i manage when i have to go to our Guru Ji's Place Beas ( Punjab). The Mobile Phones are not allowed there.


I can stay without phone but it ll be very difficult task. Though I am not addicted to it, I depend on it for various purposes. But if needed, I can stay away from it. 


No I cannot as do Internet surfing from my phone only. 

Sanjeev Gupta


roza mansoori

Previously it was not possible for me. However, from 2019 I have developed the habit of staying away from phone. It's certainly possible if you have the will and conviction.

Saurav Banerjee

The phone is the basic necessities for every-one. We cannot live without the phone. The smartphone made our life very easy. Now no worry of kids to reach home as we locate them using location sharing each other.

Dinesh Sood

Its very hard but still i can stay without my phone for at least two weeks and maximum one month.

Nidhi Rajput

It is hard.I cannot.


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