Do you think the Indian women's cricket team is getting the right recognition for their efforts over all these years?

I feel they are getting recognized at some level but there is a long way to go. What do you think?

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Sheetal Kumar N

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Their recent performances have caught attention and now they are being recognized. But still they have a long way to go. Our country is a bad place for any sports except cricket. Your efforts are not recognized and even go wasted in many cases despite of your powerful performances at International level. We hear plights of so many athletes and players who have not got their due recognition.

And when it comes to women team, the fight is even tough. SO they still have a long struggle to go and they are going stronger.

Arunima Singh

I don't think that they are getting their due recognition, but it has improved over the years. The recent pay hike for men & women cricket team members as per grade is a straightforward example of non recognition of womens cricket team. A grade A player in womens cricket team gets around 10% of Grade A player of Mens team. (50 Lakhs & 7 Crores respectively)


That sums up the picture.


Over the past couple of years, Indian women's cricket team has really been recognized but before that, I don't think they had achieved so much of recognition.


Some improvement but need much much more.


Some thing atlest think they can improve alot


better improvement , future successful 

Abdul V

No men's cricket team gets more attention even if they lose a series

roza mansoori

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