What if .... if you lose a virtual friend so close without any notice?

Today only I came to know about the sad demise of our dearest Gulshanji and Rambabu, two senior most members of the site. I was extremely shocked, and recollected those golden days in forum in 2012-2013.

I still remember, a few years back Gulshanji expressed him concern in forums, "I don't know how I will communicate with you people and let you know the matter when I pass away". He was a bachelor, and visualized we people, a part of his life and family so dear to him. That's the power of virtual world if the relations are true. What if.... if we lose such a dear virtual friend without any notice? You might have interacted with him a few days ago as usual, may lost touch or might have mailed last day, waiting for a response without expecting it might be the last communication. Can it affect as same as real life relations? For me, the answer is yes.... because I now know the pain very much, and how the loss of Gulshanji, my role model in the field of writing makes me feel depressed.


What about you?

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Sandhya Rani
Sanjeev Gupta I am on boddunan from last 6 years and Gulshanji was the one of my friend here. Its a big loss to the community. Though I never saw him but still I feel that I have lost one of my real friend - Sanjeev Gupta - 2 years ago
Shalu Joseph Thanks Sandhya for informing me the news about his demise. I had been thru the old discussions with him and old memories came back. Rest in peace gulshanji. You are in our dear memories. - Shalu Joseph - 2 years ago

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I knew both of them as very active and knowledgeable members of this platform. When I came to know this even I was very dejected even though I was not in very close touch with them but I knew them and admired them for their knowledge and dedication. May God bless them.

arjun sai

Gulshan was one of the oldest , wisest and most respected members here and I had been constantly interacting with him since I became a member here 6 years ago. He was not very active in the past year because he had some health issues which I thought were age related . He used to mail me occasionally and that's how I knew  he had some seemingly minor health issues. So, his passing away so suddenly came as a shock to me ...no words to convey the extent to which he will be missed by me and all others who knew him .He was a very   remarkable person.

usha manohar

I am glad to see you back here Sandhya. I missed you so much. My eyes searched for your post whenever I visited the Answer section of Boddunan.

I remember Gulshanji as a very valuable contributor to all the discussions that we had. Though I had a very short duration of interactions with him on Forum, I would definitely read his posts as there would be some valuable information or argument in it. 

I remember Rambabu as a person who was most active and stayed on top of the Member of the Week chart for most of the times. Even now you can seem as the top answerer in this section.

Arunima Singh

Virtual friends are not meant to get as close as our friends around therefore it shall not affect or influence if i loose a virtual friend without any notice. In fact, i have had lose many virtual friends in past in such way.

Umang Shah

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