what will be cheap in india after lockdown

Category: General Reference 3 weeks ago
Nidhi Rajput
Asked 3 weeks ago

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After lockdown the only thing that will be cheap is Human Manpower. Why? Because unpredictable conditions will force everyone to fend for their family. With companies downsizing and huge population in Inda, fearing to move out of native town will add to labour becoming the cheapest.

Answered 2 weeks ago

After lockdown; only a few essential items i.e. sugar, wheat, rice,  some pulses will be available at a low price; nothing else. Fruits and other items will be available at the normal price.

Health services in private hospitals will be costly as they give better services. The government hospitals will be cheaper but the quality of services will be very low.

Dinesh Sood
Answered 3 weeks ago
Dinesh Sood

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