who was the suspected agency behind the Delhi blasts of September 13,2008?

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On 23 September, the police arrested five more people from Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh. All five are suspected to be part of the Indian Mujahadeen's . The men were:

  • Sadiq Sheikh, 31, Software Engineer from Mumbai

  • Afzal Usmani, 32, Hotelier in Western suburbs of Mumbai

  • Arif Sheikh, 38, Electrician from Mumbra, Mumbai

  • Mohammed Zakir Sheikh, 38, Scrap dealer from Mumbra, Mumbai

  • Mohammed Ansar Sheikh, 31, Software Engineer from Mumbai

Answered 9 years ago

Lashkar - e- Toiba is suspected to be behind the Blasts. behind the Blasts of Sept 13, 2008.


Answered 4 years ago

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