Why still People hate Girl babies?

Why still People hate Girl babies?

Written by Category: General Knowledge 5 years ago

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It is because of the mindset of the people which need to change.

Rajaraman K

Now the trend change. Many people does not bother weather they have a girl or boy in many cities but still some villages these trend still alive. It need to change.


It's all in the mind. Thus, wrong mindset will lead to dislike a girl child. This is disgusting and so to bring in change in the thought process only one step can impact positively. Educate people more and more and the dislike for girl child will come to an end. 

Shampa Sadhya

.Gender discrimination is the social evil faced by women at every moment of their lives and it is also the oot cause of our poor mentality and backwardness around the globe. The men especially in India are taught to be superior since eons and women are considered to be an dmidol of submissive nature. People hate girls on every day of year except on the ashtamis of navratre just because of their feminity. This hatred is to such an extent that people not only villagers but many of the educated ones from the metro cities either kill the females in the mother's womb or they kill the young girls. There have been cases of abandoning the wife and girl-child just because a male is not born. All these ridiculous things are relevant even today after so many years of independence. If we say that trends are changing, I must say that though the mental wiring is changing yet, more changes are in demand. People usually think that girl-child is an expensive and dangerous affair. They feel girls are seen with a bad eye-taste and subjected to assaults so, better kill them. This is actually ridiculous. Problem is that people do not object the ones( those males who tend to stare, eve-tease or rape women) who are wrong but the girls. Reason is yet unclear but yes, poor mentality remains a main cause.

Renu Sharma

Well, India is big country and people have different thoughts. Wherever there is good thing happening, there would some bad as well. Its the mentality which is passed by their elders. Its the thought which was very much relevant in the past. At some places, the discrimination was huge and it is still and i think that i will remain. I am positive that change is coming in the mentality of people who were discriminating. Slowly- slowly people are realizing that girl also have an equal power to make a difference in the society. I hope that thinking of people in other part of india also keep on changing as soon as possible.

I may be wrong in my thoughts, but this is what i feel.

Ronark Bhardwaj

Different people have different mentality.

Some people have a natural tendency to have at least one male child. Such, people hate girl babies.

So, first we change our minds and we need to save our baby girls.   



That was the old belief, no more relevant to present times The present trend is Boy and girl are equally treated.



Things have changed a lot nowadays. I am a proud mother of a single daughter. For me she is my world.

Now parents are accepting female kids. Such discrimination mostly seen in rural areas.

"Dowry" Dowry and only Dowry - It's the no:1 reason why many parents dont want girl kids. They also think that if they get baby boy, he will bring 'Lakshmi' to home. Our traditional values too have always given boys an upper hand.

But I feel that parents need to spend more money on boys than girls. Girls are almost limited in their desires, and they remain behind the shadows of their parents in most cases. So, a girl may be satisfied if given a degree or PG education and less expense on her daily routines. But male kids are not so. In most cases, they demand for better education, better pocket money etc... (Parents are not reluctant to spend on male kids comparing girls as they foresee investment return in terms of dowry).

NB: Things told above never follow 100% in all cases, just a few instances.

Sandhya Rani

It has to do with misconceptions and being out of touch with reality.

Sheetal Kumar N

I don't know anyone who dislikes or hates baby girls in my area or community. I am father of a girl of one child and she is a girl. 


It is the deep rooted patriarchal mindset. Somehow, our  social wiring is such that due to some traditions and customs a male child is preferred over a female child. There are evil discriminatory social practices based on gender bias. Females are taken as second class citizens.

Though with changing times and changing social lens, things are improving. But this mindset still prevails. I would say that it is sad to see in cities too, people who are well educated ( in terms of degrees) also prefer a male child over female child

Arunima Singh

India is a very big country and all types of people living in India. Although there is no difference between Boys and Girls. Even girls do the best care of their parents instead of boys. We must not make any difference between both of them. As everyone is the child of creator GOD.

Dinesh Sood

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