Does beauty diminish with age?

What is the link between beauty and age. Is a younger person- man or woman more beautiful than the aged.
Written by Category: Health & Lifestyle 8 years ago
Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

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Beauty is as you perceive it ! Lata Mangeshkar may not be physically very beautiful, but when she sings she is the most beautiful person, similarly a beautiful woman with a mean heart is always ugly ! Physical beauty matures with age...Once you are a beautifkl person with beautiful ways, you remain so all your life !
usha manohar

As far as natural beauty is concerned I think men tends to grow beautiful as they age and the beauty of a woman diminishes with age. Beauty of heart is evergreen and it never diminishes till you die.
krishna pramod

Outer beauty may diminish with age but inner beauty lasts forever. So, it's rightly been said beauty lies within.

Saurav Banerjee

for me beauty is two type, inner beauty and outer beauty. outer beauty diminish with age but inner beauty increase with age.

Staying healthy is key and that is what determines are biological age.

Sheetal Kumar N

Beauty is not glowing skin, looking good, etc., According to me, character is beauty. It is only permanent.

If you consider beauty to be skin deep..then beauty will never diminish. Howver, if external beauty is what you are referring too..definitely it diminishes. No matter how many cosmetic surgery one does or takes botox injection,,,,beauty diminishes with age because new cells are not rapidly produced unlike when we are young.
Mousumi Ghosh

No I don't think beauty diminishes with age. Every age has its own beauty. As we grow older our personality and experiences adds up to it. I have seen elderly ladies with perfectly bunned white hair and elegant saris looking perfectly beautiful at their age. Children has beauty of their innocence and older people have beauty of their age and experiences. It is just the way we perceive it.
Taniya Choudhury

Yes, it is very common thing. As we grow our beauty decrease but our external beauty decreases not internal beauty.
Bol Bachchan

Yeah , Of course ..For instance let us have look over Heroines .. They get very much better opportunities while their age is about " 25-30 " years. 5 or more years later we can not even see them in mother characters . this is the best example to describe the issue.

I have seen many men and women to look good in their old age. However, youth and innocence are part of beauty.
Devyani Sarkar

Beauty will definitely diminish beauty. When we look beautiful we look younger

Aakash Agarwal

Outer beauty appearance is related with age but the inner beauty which comes from the heart is not related with age.

Physical Beauty diminishes with time as a person reaches a certain age, the inner beauty of a person never diminishes.

Yes.Surely, beauty diminishes with age.Beauty and age are indirectly proportional.

From your question, it looks you are talking about physical beauty. Yes, it does diminish with age and that's a natural process. But even if our granny is old, can't stand up straight, has a frail like body, still she is beautiful for us, right?

Physical beauty of course fades away with the age but the inner beauty of a person remains as it is even when he/she gets old.
Sanjeev Gupta

There are two types of beauty, the physical and soul. Physical beauty may diminish as time goes by but soul beauty always remains the same. Over all its the beauty of soul that makes an individual beautiful, happy and importantly successful in life. Mother Teresa was not beautiful as princess Diana but world knows her because she was beautiful from inside.
Rakhi Yadav

No, Real beauty is not diminish with age.

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