If you are sure of getting a decent salary Which would you opt for ? A home based job or go work in an office

A job on the net or a home based job or work in an office or outside the house ? I personally I prefer to go out and work since I get to mingle with people and generally be out of the house also form a set routine..
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usha manohar

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I would prefer home based job s that way I would be able to do the household works also.
Sanjeev Gupta

I would definitely opt to go out and work since I would get to interact with other people socially and basically be a part of the general flow. But then there are other aspects to consider as well such as being there for the children at home and I think with the way the world around is changing so quickly, children are bound to get confused. In such circumstances, I would opt to work from home which also is not bad because you get a more wider community to interact with, from all across the country AND world, even if it is virtual, it still is a wonderful experience. So one can pick from both and still remain happy and contented!
Kalyani Nandurkar
Sandhya Rani What a nice reply!!! My thoughts! - Sandhya Rani - 7 years ago

I prefer to go out to work in an office rather than home based job. It is difficult to get suitable working environment at residence.

I also prefer to go out side. I am running shop. My earning is not enough there. I can earn easily this amount from online jobs. But I like to continue my shop.

Home based jobs means working in solitude. It leads to monotony. I find pleasure in office jobs which gives scope to interaction with colleagues which I feel is very necessary for boosting productivity.

I never prefer home based job. As all home based job are scams. Office job are secure and much wealthy.
Bol Bachchan

I like home based job. Because I spending more time with my family and my sweet son.

I would opt for working in Home . Because one can maintain secrecy about the amount that you are earning . And no definite working hours. Flexible Timings , less likely to go out . And being a girl I would prefer Home based jobs rather than Office based jobs outside.

In my case home based job is preferable. As we are staying out of our hometown, if I too go to some office work, it may not be easy for me to look after my family. after all family comes first! Now, I can handle both. I agree, home based jobs seldom give salary more than office jobs. Yet it gives more personal preferences. To get something, we need to lose something else!
Sandhya Rani

I don't like to go out much, and also I don't like to sit idle. So i would enjoy working online instead of being physically present on the Job.

I would prefer to stay back at home and work peacefully. Nobody will be my boss and no colleagues would interfere in my work. I will be my own boss. I will work any time when I am free. There will be no hard and fast rule to complete work on time or enter office within 10 a.m. , etc.
Likewise I will save my daily expenses also. I will get enough time to finish my work and go out for a walk.
Devyani Sarkar

Well, even I would love to go out side the house.. It would be better than inside the house or office.

Home based job cannot provide you a decent salary. I prefer office job. Office job is genuine job and pays much better that home based job.

office definitely,it lets you blow off the steam and get more interested in home affairs since they are not hovering around your head all the time.
Abhishek Sangra

Everything comes with a pinch of salt, so does working from home and working in a office does. Both the working conditions have plus points and minus points.
It depends on the what is one's priority and the need of the hour. For example, if right now i need to look after my baby, and if I can get a handsome salary by working at home, nothing like it. That way I can have best of both worlds. But if one has a older kid and spends almost 6-8 hrs outside home including play time etc, then I think going out to work would not be a bad idea. Also, when you go out to work you can interact with real people which is necessary owing to the fact that everybody leads a busy life, very less time to socialize.
Mousumi Ghosh

Well I would definitely opt for working from home at this point of time because that would definitely help me to take care of my kid and also look after certain responsibilities that I have at my home.
Taniya Choudhury

I would like office work as when I go to office, I have to interact with different people and learn many new things which is not possible at home.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Going and working in an  office seems the better option for me.

Sheetal Kumar N

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